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The “Sustaining Law Clinics” Campaign aims to cultivate sustainability of Law Clinics across Nigeria.

Our objective: to support innovation and the sustainability of clinical legal education, a healthy learning environment and a socially engaged pool of law students across Nigeria

who understand the link between legal education and service to the community.
Plan of Action: Raise funds for:-

  • Law clinics’ projects and activities:- including but not limited to Child Rights Law Clinics; Pre-trial detention Law Clinics; Freedom of Information Law Clinics; Women’s Law Clinic; StreetLaw & Human Rights Education; and provision of free legal services to poor and vulnerable members of the society.
  • Establishment of new law clinics in Nigerian Universities; 
  • Development of curricula and professional resources;
  • Teacher trainings for law teachers;
  • Annual National Client Interviewing and Counseling Skills Competition; 
  • Bi-annual publication of African Journal on Clinical Legal Education & Access to Justice; 
  • Internships and sustainability-related research stipends for clinical law students;

Fundraising goal: 20-60 Million Naira (150,000-350,000USD) yearly.

If you would like to give in cash, via bank transfer or in other ways, call +234(0)8053282067; +234 (0) 9 2900609 for bank account details or fill out the donors form. Any amount you can give will make a difference. Depending on the size of your gift, you can also become eligible for a series of exclusive benefits from the NULAI Donor Circles. See Donor Circles options below to help you decide how much to give.

NULAI Donor Circles
Members of the NULAI Donors Circles are alumni, partners and friends who have given to NULAI Nigeria. Members of these circles may choose to give larger contributions to the campaign at once, or they may accumulate their support by making smaller donations to the campaign on a regular basis. Please find a list of NULAI Donors Circles and their respective member benefits below. Register to become a member of our prestigious donors. 

Donor Circles registration form.

Name of Circle           


Gift Range Naira & USD


Bronze Circle

N1,000 –  N10,000 


$5 – $65

You receive a personal letter of thanks and recognition from NULAI President Ernest Ojukwu, Deputy-Director General Nigerian Law School, Enugu

Your name is publicly recognized on NULAI Honorary Donors’ List online 

Silver Circle

N11,000 –  N20,000


$70 – $130

In addition to the benefits of the Bronze Circle, you receive a copy of NULAI Bi-annual African Journal of Clinical Legal Education & Access to Justice.

Your name is listed among the Honorary Donors to NULAI in the NULAI Annual Report.

Gold Circle

N21,000 –  N50,000


$135 – $330

In addition to the benefits of the Silver Circle, you receive VIP status in special professional and academic events related to NULAI 

Platinum Circle

N51,000 –  N250,000


$335 – $1,650

In addition to the benefits of the Gold Circle, you receive a personal invitation to exclusive NULAI events. 

You receive the opportunity to name a Law Clinic project or other NULAI initiative after your own name

President’s Circle



$1,700 -above

Call or email the Senior Program Officer for more information +2348037877095,+23492900609 or  odinakaonyelagi@nulai.orgThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.