Membership Registration Guidelines – Full Membership

Eligibility for Membership: Any institution or person interested in justice education, such as legal aid institutions, law clinics, a teacher, educational administrator, lawyer, judicial official, law officer, law student, paralegal or legal worker, is eligible for membership in Network of University Legal Aid Institutions (NULAI Nigeria), subject to such additional conditions and qualifications as may be established from time to time by the Board of Directors.

Classes of Membership: There shall be two classes of members — full membership, who shall have full voting rights, and general members, who shall not be entitled to vote. Each class shall have the rights and be subject to the conditions and qualifications established by the Board. The Board may establish additional classes, including associate members, and specify the conditions, qualifications and rights of each.

NULAI full membership is open to all law faculties with a registration fee of N10000 (Ten thousand Naira only) and submission of registration forms to NULAI office. All Interested institutions should download and complete the Membership Registration Form and Evaluation Questionnaire. All completed forms should be sent to with proof of payment.

Payment can be made online at NULAI-E Payment Portal

Bank transfer/Deposit:
Zenith Bank:-
Account Number -1011306178
Guranty Trust TBank:-
Account Number – 0125112478

As a means to strengthen and consolidate the services of the law clinic, it is imperative that the faculty sets in motion the process of integrating the program into her curriculum and building the capacity of the teachers to effectively teach and supervise students in a clinical setting. Furthermore, NULAI is available to provide training and technical support to build the capacity of teachers at your faculty to strengthen the Clinical Legal Education programme and ensure the sustainability of established law clinics.Training provided will cover teaching methods and assessment; curriculum design; and supervision.

The outcome of the introductory training will enable participants to:

  1. Identify the necessary lawyering skills required by students to work in a law clinic
  2. Identify the appropriate interactive teaching methods and assessment for training law students
  3. Use clinical legal education instead of traditional law curriculum;
  4. Develop outcome based lessons and activities and demonstrate interactive teaching

For more information, contact us through the following email addresses;; or call us on 09 – 290 0609

Download Registration Form

Download Membership Evaluation Questionnaire 

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