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NULAI Nigeria Alumni Relations is to engage all Nigerian alumni clinical law students in a mutually beneficial, lifelong connection to each other and the clinical legal education programme. We strive to support NULAI-alumni with the necessary resources to succeed in their professional lives, while fully utilizing the power of the NULAI alumni and global network.


As a member of the NULAI-alumni community, you can take advantage of a wide range of benefits and services, including free access to resources, a variety of opportunities for professional development, discounts with Journal subscription partners and much more. All you are required to do is register.


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Join the “Sustaining Law Clinics” Campaign with the unique opportunity to make a positive contribution to the development and sustainability clinical legal education in Nigeria.

The reform and change needed in developing socially conscious skilled lawyers towards raising the standards of legal profession in our society is our choice. 

Join NULAI Nigeria to make sure clinical legal education does not become one of those innovations but rather THE INNOVATION.

Indicators & Monitoring Framework For Pre-trial Provisions of the Administration of Criminal Justice

 Indicators and Monitoring Framework Publication