NULAI Africa Clinical legal education colloquium 2020 

“Advancing Excellence in Legal Education"

Objective: Will build on achievements of the developments of clinical legal education towards advancing the reform of legal education in Nigeria for exellence and best practices. 

The colloquium will feature:

1. General conference forum with plenaries and concurrent sessions on various themes and topics, 16 – 17 March, 2020.
2. Law Clinic gallery: A Law Clinics’ Gallery will be displayed to showcase what law clinics’ work and their profiles and provide participants with first-hand information on Law Clinics and students practice.
3. NULAI membership meeting: this meeting will discuss rules and responsibilities of NULAI members and articulate a strategic road map for CLE movement in Nigeria, 17 March, 2020.
4. Validation workshop of the Nigeria Clinical Legal Education Standards; Resolution by members to adhere to the standards
5. Street-law Teacher Training: This training opens opportunities for law clinics to diversify, providing students varied platforms for learning as well as community service.    It will enable law teachers to: Understand the concept of street law; Develop outcome based lessons and activities; Design and implement street law programmes/projects; and identify assessment methods and supervision techniques, 18 March, 2020

The colloquium is open to law teachers, law students, civil society organizations and institutions interested in justice education; and National Universities Commission, the Bar Association and Continuing Legal Education Providers. Register Now!!!
Participants interested in making session presentation should submit an abstract proposal during registration. The session proposal would include: Title of the presentation, details of co-presenters, a summary of 500 words or less, relevant conference theme, mode of presentation. Session presentation must use interactive methodologies and tools. Combined presentations can be made by up to 3 participants. Register Now!!!

Follow link to register and submit a session proposal to the upcoming 2nd NULAI Africa Clinical legal education colloquium

Registration; Grants & Fee Waivers

Participants would be required to register for the conference using an online registration form. Registration fees cover conference meals and resource materials. The registration form includes sections for requesting a fee waiver or reduction.

Conference grant may be provided based only on availability of funds. Applicants for a grant must be presenting at a conference session or be actively involved in the organization of the conference. 

Registration fees: 
Regular fees N20000($70usd)/Per Participant
Late registration or at location N35,000 ($100usd) 
{Fees cover meals and conference package only} 

Registration Deadlines:
Early bird registration deadline 30 November, 2019
Request for fee waiver deadline 30 November, 2019
Discount voucher deadline 30 November, 2019
Final registration deadline 30 January, 2020

Special considerations within stipulated deadlines:
25% discount to NULAI individual members
50% discount to clinical law students
1 free slot for every 5 registrations; 3 free slot for every 10 registrations to institutional registrations

Thematic Streams

Theme 1 – Best Practices for Teaching and Learning in Legal Education : 

Papers in this theme will discuss Experiential Learning; Clinical Legal Education; Teaching Methodologies; Educational Benchmarks; Legal Education Curriculum; Assessment; Team-based learning; and Project-based research.

Theme 2 – Justice Education: 

This this session invites papers focused on Access to Justice; Pro-bono lawyering; Public interest lawyering; Human rights education; Environmental law; Social justice; Legal aid; Administration of criminal justice; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Ethics and discipline

Theme 3 – Law Clinics: 

Papers in this session will discuss Development and sustainability of Law Clinics; Community outreaches; Street law; students’ Legal practice and impact of law clinics to communities.

Theme 4 – Leading Innovative Legal Technology and Interdisciplinary Initiatives in Legal Education:

This session will feature papers on teaching legal innovations & technology; interdisciplinary initiatives; using technology to promote and assess student learning competencies; The Flipped Classroom teaching through technology; social media; online and distance learning.

Theme 5 – Professional Vocational Legal Education and Continuing Legal Education:

This session invites papers focused on experience sharing by clinical teachers professional & capacity development; research opportunities, specialization and CLE as a career path.

Theme 6 – The Law Teacher and Professional Growth:

This session calls for papers on research writing and promotion; scholarships; National Association of Law Teacher’s (NALT) development and sustainability; Academic resources etc.

Theme 7 – Law Students:

This theme is focused on law student’s contributions to advancing legal education through student practice and service. The session will feature law students’ perspective on legal Education programmes/activities/projects and development of the law students.

Post Conference: Papers at the colloquium that meets the criteria and requirements can be submitted subsequently for publication to the African Journal of Clinical Legal Education and Access to Justice.

HOST INSTITUTIONAmerican University of Nigeria American University of Nigeria is a private university in northeastern Nigeria that offers American style higher education programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. Founded in 2004, it is the only American style university in Sub-Saharan Africa.AUN facilities are designed to enhance the academic experience with learning centers that provide comfortable living spaces that encourage academic success, respect for one another, personal growth and responsibility, and a commitment to one’s community. For more details, visit  American University of Nigeria

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