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NULAI Africa Clinical legal education colloquium 2020 

“Advancing Excellence in Legal Education”

Objective: Will build on achievements of the developments of clinical legal education towards advancing the reform of legal education in Nigeria for exellence and best practices. 

The colloquium will feature:

1. General conference forum with plenaries and concurrent sessions on various themes and topics, 16 – 17 March, 2020.
2. Law Clinic gallery: A Law Clinics’ Gallery will be displayed to showcase what law clinics’ work and their profiles and provide participants with first-hand information on Law Clinics and students practice.
3. NULAI membership meeting: this meeting will discuss rules and responsibilities of NULAI members and articulate a strategic road map for CLE movement in Nigeria, 17 March, 2020.
4. Validation workshop of the Nigeria Clinical Legal Education Standards; Resolution by members to adhere to the standards
5. Street-law Teacher Training: This training opens opportunities for law clinics to diversify, providing students varied platforms for learning as well as community service.    It will enable law teachers to: Understand the concept of street law; Develop outcome based lessons and activities; Design and implement street law programmes/projects; and identify assessment methods and supervision techniques, 18 March, 2020

The colloquium is open to law teachers, law students, civil society organizations and institutions interested in justice education; and National Universities Commission, the Bar Association and Continuing Legal Education Providers. Register Now!!!
Participants interested in making session presentation should submit an abstract proposal during registration. The session proposal would include: Title of the presentation, details of co-presenters, a summary of 500 words or less, relevant conference theme, mode of presentation. Session presentation must use interactive methodologies and tools. Combined presentations can be made by up to 3 participants. Register Now!!!

Follow link to register and submit a session proposal to the upcoming 2nd NULAI Africa Clinical legal education colloquium

Follow Link For more information on Submission of Papers; Registrations Fees; Grants & Fee Waivers

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