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This manual provides deliberate tool to assist in the promotion of child’s rights in Nigeria. The manual focuses on street law education on child’s rights. It deals with basic child’s rights and issues of child trafficking.

It is primarily meant to provide guidance and methodologies to assist University based Law Clinic Students to teach basic child’s rights and child trafficking issues in street law and outreach programmes in the communities and schools. The manual is also written in simple language to allow secondary school level students and community members educate themselves on child’s rights and child trafficking issues with little or no assistance by trainers.

There are 7 chapters of the manual covering the following topics: Meaning and Scope of Child Rights; Basic Rights of a Child; Duties/Responsibilities of the Child ; Protection Rights of a Child; Rights Under Parental Guidance; Child Trafficking; and Enforcement Mechanisms.

The manual has case studies and participatory exercises to make learning easy and simple. It also provides a list of Institutions and organisations and their contact addresses that can always assist individuals and communities with issues of protection of children’s rights.

This publication was supported with funds from the ‘Building the Capacity of Women and Children for the Effective Implementation of Child Rights Act and Law against Trafficking in Persons’ project funded under the European Instrument for Democracy & Human Rights Programme.

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