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The aim of Client’s Interview and Consultation Skills is to make a lawyer adept in;

    • Listening skills,
    • Advising skills,
    • Communication skills,
    • Analytical skills,
    • Questioning skills, and also

  • These skills have also been fundamental in promoting access to justice for the poor and public interest lawyering in Nigeria.

This essence cannot be over-emphasized. This is evident in the case of an attorney who though is quite knowledgeable in the substantive law, but far less effective and skillful with people. The skills of a successful lawyer lay in the mastery of human interaction and in the subtle awareness of the emotions, concerns, and anxieties of others as well as in the knowledge of how to utilize that awareness to advance the attorney’s professional aims in the interaction.
One of the lawyer’s functions is to guide a client into safer and better courses of conduct. The lawyer-client relationship with all its human and conceptual content must be employed, taught and learned. The lawyer-client decisional and behavioral characteristics must be central.
It is glaring that the intense rationalism of law school training lacks a sense of how legal problems must be solved by those that have them or face them and just what this means to the practicing lawyer. For most lawyers and law students, the strict legal side, the book, and research thing is fairly easy, but what is harder is to know how to use the results of that work effectively with people and how to handle oneself in any given situation.
So, the essence of Client’s Interview and Counseling Skills breeds lawyers who have mastered the human arts of lawyering and these lawyers are excellent practitioners intuitively exercising psychological skills of a high order: they know how to listen, how to persuade, how to meet emotional and psychological needs of clients, opponents, judges, and even everyone they dealt with emotionally. This means the Client’s Interview and Counseling Skills have highly developed abilities of awareness and objectivity.
What can you say is your experience in Client’s interview and Counseling? Precepts are taken from
Prof. Louis M. Brown, A Personal & Historical Introduction…L%20M%20%20Brown.pdf

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