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Sandy also originally did a whole dance routine when she was stepping on the leaves, but it was cut due to time constraints. In the DVD release of the Sea Stories DVD, the Patchy segments are cut. [61], The rough storyboard contains multiple scenes that were cut from the episode. Вы можете проголосовать, если игра вам понравилась, или она была плохая. According to the rough storyboard, there's a transition that got changed in the final cut. Gary does not lick SpongeBob until the camera cuts to SpongeBob's face. were originally going to appear, but their scenes had to be cut from the final episode for time. SpongeBob turning onto his back was originally him flipping into the air. (DVD). In the storyboard, SpongeBob's parents were planned to appear during the song Don't Be a Jerk (It's Christmas) when SpongeBob sings "It's the time for family and holly and turkey." When young Sheldon evilly laughs for the first time, it looks different than the final product. Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is a FANDOM TV Community. Squidward's eyes are slightly different when he says "best friend". The parade is different in the storyboard than it is in the final version. This remains unconfirmed, however. Greenblatt, who storyboarded and co-wrote "Doing Time," said that he did not remember anything about the episode when asked about Mrs. In the storyboard, when SpongeBob takes out the lights, he is upside down. SpongeBob makes a shake with weird ingredients and gives it to Gary, but Gary runs to the living room. Karen and the inside of the Chum Bucket were featured in a deleted scene. SpongeBob picks up pieces of the clock while speaking, and Gary is not on screen. In the storyboard, the carolers look different than in the final version. Instead of SpongeBob, Squidward and Patrick dancing, the ending scene shows. Hannah will pick them up and "play" with them for over an hour. According to the season 1 DVD commentary, this episode originally had a scene that showed Sandy karate-chopping a fish in the groin. [63], In the rough storyboard, there is a deleted scene where SpongeBob is talking to Crab Lady, and she looks like a crab instead of a fish. ", In the storyboard, the scene in which SpongeBob wakes up and greets Gary originally showed Gary taking a bite from a cactus, about garden snails' tendency to feed on succulent plants. and pretends to fire his net like a rifle. On Nicktoons airings, Dani Michaeli is credited as a writer instead of Richard Pursel.[39]. The end credits for the 1997 and 1999 versions of "Help Wanted" have several differences, including: In the cast credits in the 1997 version, Bill Fa, In the cast credits in the 1997 version, Pa. Gary the Snail, who was voiced by Tom Kenny, is not credited in the 1997 version. [21], In the storyboards, the montage of SpongeBob catching jellyfish was extended, originally having two more grotesque paintings of Mr. He originally said. Jay Lender's Twitter post showing the patty statue scene. In the final version, it is not. Originally, before they head up to the gym, SpongeBob tells the Dutchman, "Dutchie! In the storyboard, Plankton is crushed by the pole Patrick set in front of the Krusty Krab. and cut to the interior of Krusty Krab with the camera zooming in through the window to the Patty Vault. After the old lady walks away, SpongeBob comes up and asks the Dutchman what happened. It was added back to reruns in October 2019 on Nicktoons. I've got to have the right tool for the job. This joke was cut for time. As he walks into the building, he sets off their "security system" (a bucket of gasoline and a lit match), causing a massive explosion and leaving him charred black, and doing it again when he walks into the kitchen. This scene did not make it past the storyboard for being too graphic. SpongeBob's fright was originally on the overside of the room. The scene of SpongeBob screaming at the idea of Patty being eaten isn't present in the animatic. The French narrator saying "Stay tuned to SpongeBob B.C.," Patchy getting hit with a big rock, and the French Narrator saying, "They discovered fire. Mr. Krabs originally said, "And don't forget about me, Pony!" According to the rough storyboard, there is a deleted scene. In the final cut, he only says "Did somebody say free?" In the final version, he gets back in the truck at looks at the camera when he talks to Potty. In the storyboard, since Patchy does not leave the truck, the mailman is shown in the back of the truck. In the final version, he just floats down. Art from a deleted scene can be seen here. This error was corrected in the 1999 version with Gary being added in. In the final version, they just turn on when he is done. Roman numerals are added to the clock at the intersection. This also means the "it's a little ditty called" line is skipped. Please enable JavaScript to pass antispam protection!Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser by CleanTalk. Fuzzy's belt was originally gold, not black, and was changed for an unknown reason.[citation needed], SpongeBob was originally going to see Ernest Borgnine's live-action face in Squidward's cupboard and exclaim "Borgnine!," but was ultimately scrapped. [59], The rough storyboard contains multiple scenes that were cut from the episode. This was toned down to them having a picnic in the finished episode to remove any sexual undertones. 2 Responses to The Great Snail Race. Screenshot of the deleted scene from "Just One Bite". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The original plot idea for this episode involved Granny fattening Gary up to eat him, but that was changed due to it being too dark. He further claimed that it was cut because the network can't show any actions that children might try. In the storyboard, the cookie in Patrick's trap does not have a string on it. When Karen brings his food over, she mistakes feral Plankton for a bug and swats him away. In the storyboard, he does not. As a further piece of evidence, current showrunner Vincent Waller confirmed that the so-called deleted scene was never drawn in the storyboard of this episode.[3]. The audio commentary also reveals that the episode was originally going to start with SpongeBob going out to buy every gallon of ice cream in town and not knowing the flavor of ice cream he buys is onion, then getting bad breath from eating it. SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series that premiered on May 1st, 1999, on Nickelodeon. A few seconds later, SpongeBob would've been shown running into the kitchen, with Squidward following. When SpongeBob moves away, oysters can be heard yelling. By The-Doctor-W Watch. After Squidward starts realizing Plankton's plan, there's a deleted scene of the car driver saying "that's right," before the car drives away, and Squidward saying, "Something smells fishy around here. According to the season 2 DVD commentary, there was originally a scene featuring Sandy's bed hanging from the ceiling of the Treedome, with much more saliva/drool than was seen in the final episode. There is also an unused painting of a third scene with a donut on SpongeBob's hand. He kicks the door open and spills a bucket of liquid, then comments, "That was too easy!" When Old Man Jenkins is knocked out, he is shown next to his car. Redirect This redirect does not require a rating on the project's quality scale. She was originally featured in a deleted scene, and Lori Alan recorded dialogue for it. In the storyboard, Squidward rubs his head later and SpongeBob looks towards Mr. Krabs and Squidward as they look away and leave. He is also wearing his normal pirate hat. It's you. In the storyboard, it does not. Dedric Mauriac says: April 20, 2008 at 10:12 pm When being told he is alive, SpongeBob has a different reaction, gasping and grabbing Mr. Krabs' eyes and screaming in the storyboard, and the storyboard notes "blink!" In the storyboard of the part where Santa shows up at Patrick's rock, only his head is shown. Great Snail Race Rebuttal. When the fish looks out of the window, there is nobody there. Pearl is still credited for the deleted scene. The Nautical Nonsense and Sponge Buddies DVD features storyboards of this episode and a deleted scene in which SpongeBob does another activity "at night" as he delivers the mail to "Floorboard Harry" - a mysterious character who lived beneath the floorboards of the Krusty Krab - whose face was covered by one of the said floorboards - with a hole revealing an eye peeking out. Version of "Do I smell a road trip?!" In the original storyboards (pictured to the right), there was a full scene showing Pearl in her room as she talked on the phone with Mr. Krabs. When young Sheldon is exercising, his arms don't move. Newly revved-up, Turbo embarks on … ", Once Squidward enters the Chum Bucket, he says "So, you're selling, After SpongeBob and Patrick stop laughing at Patrick's Victor imitation, there's an unused line with SpongeBob "How about when he's all like? A rare early logo used in the ending of the original 1997 version of "Help Wanted," before United Plankton Pictures, Inc. was created. In the storyboard, Plankton's stocking has his name on it. before the rest of the scene continues normally. Starting from October of 2019, Nickelodeon started airing reruns of the episode, which include the deleted scenes. If you would like to participate, you can edit attached to the page, or please visit the project page where you can join the project and contribute to the discussion. Some sources list it by the original title. ", The Mediafire link to the premiere of "Scaredy Pants"/"I Was A Teenage Gary.". Some of Squidward's hand movements are missing. A fourth deleted scene had Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy using their gadgets to close the door of a jewelry store, but SpongeBob accidentally breaks the window. The pay phone was different in the final version than how it was in the storyboard version. In the scene where Plankton leaves the pepper shaker when he leaves the shaker and stands on the table. The "Late Again..." time card has four flowers, and some are moved. The ending of the 1999 version has a more detailed and prolonged copyright notice with a production date of 1999. These deleted scenes can be viewed here. Some also say that the episode still airs in its original version in Poland, but this was later proven to be false, as The Polish airing of this episode was found on a website that hosts Polish dubs of children shows and movies. Hidden objects 247 ️ . When young Sheldon says, "Idiots," the test tubes are being held horizontally and some of the liquid is on the desk. In the Amazon version of the episode, the scene where Patrick and Bubble Bass' log falls over is cut. SpongeBob's eyes are red after he builds another Krusty Krab. Squidward also has an added eye-roll in the final version. SpongeBob says, "ah" before "Boy, Pat" in the animatic. A picture of SpongeBob can be seen here (its deleted). In the entire grand opening scene, Sheldon and Eugene have hats. This scene was removed because it looked like Patrick was unhooking Sandy's bikini and it was an inappropriate scene. and sniff it, then pushes it away in disgust. It is almost as if these two clocks were swapped. In some other countries, including Latvia, Ukraine, Australia, and Germany, they use an alternate title card that reads "The Secret of Kahuna Laguna.". Nothing more exciting than watching a snail race. There is also a "Stuck in the Freezer" title card that can be seen in many countries, including Latin America and Brazil.;_1999-present)&oldid=132858. "The Great Snail Race" is an episode from season three. [41], In Nickelodeon USA airings since 2013, the title card is skipped.[42]. It was cut for the fact that the foul language used was quite easy to decipher. In the finished version, his dinner is. The scene where SpongeBob asks Sandy, Squidward and Mr. Krabs if they have seen Gary from the first trailer is not in the final movie. In the rough storyboard version, when Squidward and SpongeBob talk about noses, SpongeBob daydreams a nose working at the Krusty Krab when Squidward says "nose job. Still, that line was changed to "lacks basic construction," possibly for it being a very out of character thing for Patrick to say. Ha-ha!" When the kid says, "Hey," Sheldon and Eugene have their arms up. Early production images reveal that scenes featuring the Krusty Krab's clock and a neon sign signaling the restaurant being either open or closed were cut. I'd like four fried eggs and three double Krabby Patties." As of 2037, Humanity had been mining from the moon for decades. In the final version, he has eaten it all and gets the third piece. In the finished version, he is run over by an old fish in a wheelchair. In the final version, he runs on the house and then lassos the lights on his house. A montage of Mr. Krabs thoroughly cleaning SpongeBob's brain, similar to "Brainwashing," this was cut to save time. In the final version, he is on a hill, watching it. However, in the final version, they are replaced with SpongeBob's friends. In the final version, it does not. However, Lender comments that there is a chance that this scene may be from "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm" instead.[20]. Several cels and sketches have appeared on eBay. She was remodeled as a fish in the final storyboard because the walking animation would look better. Patrick was originally supposed to say SpongeBob's drawing was "lower middle class." It was cut to save time. When SpongeBob says, "Don't forget your condiments, Plankton" and squirts Plankton with ketchup and mustard, Plankton's cake ship flies around as Plankton says, "Curses!". However, in the actual episode, he lands in ketchup instead of mustard. scene was meant to have more grotesque closeups of Mr. Krabs but was cut. They would melt in the sun and be spit out by the snail. Concept art with SpongeBob and Patrick talking to a crowned dolphin in the "Dolphin" world. It's too easy. On Season 5 Volume 2, The First 100 Episodes, The Complete Fifth Season, and The Best 200 Episodes Ever DVDs, the opening scene where Patchy the Pirate says, "Ahoy, it's a SpongeBob SquarePants special!" [43] The extended version of the episode, which includes many additional scenes, is currently only available on the SpongeBob's Truth or Square, Season 6 Volume 1, Triple Pack 1, The Complete Sixth Season, Big Hits: Volume 1, The Next 100 Episodes, and The Best 200 Episodes Ever DVDs. Vincent Waller said in a tweet that he does not remember this scene in August 2017.[77]. The United Plankton Pictures, Inc. logo used in the ending of the 1999 version of "Help Wanted. There was going to be a scene of Squidward entering a snowman dungeon he made and saying, "I'll bring them to my snow dungeon and extract their valuable secrets." When Plankton says, "Most of its true, except what really happened. In the rough storyboard, the opening scene shows SpongeBob sleeping instead of him coming from the Low Tides concert first. His dialogue had already been recorded when he was cut from the episode. and Mr. Krabs replies "I don't know.". However, the deleted scene of them meeting Sandy on the surface was later recycled into the second movie when SpongeBob and his friends are surprised by Sandy's superhero ability to be a giant real-life squirrel named "The Rodent." In the storyboard, SpongeBob had to plug the lights in. THE SNAIL RACE. Of course, there's the infamous unused real-life Sandy sequence. In Nickelodeon USA airings since 2012, the title card is skipped. After SpongeBob destroys Sandy's robot, Sandy shows SpongeBob the robot's broken head and tells him to get out. An upshot of Squidward's house was made but never used in the episode. In the final version, it does. In the finished version, his neck stretches out but is still attached to his body. According to the Season 1 DVD commentary, there was originally a scene in this episode that depicted Squidward naked but was cut for obvious reasons (even though Squidward is seen naked in other episodes). After the customer in the mattress store wakes up, he says "Oh?! "Based on the TV series SpongeBob SquarePants created by Stephen Hillenburg as seen on Nickelodeon"--T.p. This episode's plot was also completely different according to the 1996 pitch bible. Storyboard artist Jay Lender shared storyboards of several deleted scenes from Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II. SpongeBob then brings out a plate of steamed coral, asking "How about a healthy serving of steamed coral instead?" ", Lost advertising and interstitial material, a version of the episode is purported to exist where numerous characters actually swear, A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie (unproduced unauthorized direct-to-DVD mockumentary film; 2011), Astrology with Squidward (found series of "Spongebob Squarepants" animated shorts; 2000s), SpongeBob Cartoon Creator (partially found original version of Flash game; 2008-2013), SpongeBob: Re-Hydrated (partially lost "SpongeBob SquarePants" animated short; 2003), SpongeBob SquarePants: Ain't Life a Beach (partially found Nickelodeon press kit; 1999), SpongeBob SquarePants and the Nicktoons Gravjet Racing (lost build of cancelled Xbox Live Arcade racing game; 2009), SpongeBob SquarePants: Happiness Squared (lost video game based on SpongeBob SquarePants; late 2000s), SpongeBob SquarePants Saves the Krusty Krab 3D (found computer game; 2002), SpongeBob SquarePants "Shanghaied/You Wish" (lost English audio from alternate "Patchy the Pirate" segments; 2001), SpongeBob SquarePants "SpaceBob InvaderPants/Krabs' Army" (unfinished episodes of Nickelodeon animated series; 2015), SpongeBob SquarePants: Underpants Slam (found Xbox Live Arcade game; 2007), SpongeBob SquarePants "War Blowers" (found full version of animated series music; 1999), SpongeBob's Truth or Square (found Nick Arcade party game; 2009), The MEGA link to the premiere of "Scaredy Pants"/"I Was A Teenage Gary. There's a fully animated scene of SpongeBob putting cheese on the patty, which was used in a trailer. In the finished version, it is only Patrick's face. The first scene shows SpongeBob looking out the window and seeing all his friends outside. Sandy in her treedome is doing the hypothesis of hunger on a chalkboard. This was cut for unknown reasons. SpongeBob reaches out for the patty after dropping it. The list is also less detailed than in the final version. Various expressions and angles of characters are also changed, and the "c'mon!" Another deleted scene involves a SpongeBob Doppelganger. Also, the background is brighter. The series depicts the chronicles of its title character, a child-like sponge living in the fictional city of Bikini Bottom. There also used to be a scene where SpongeBob and Patrick would look at Plankton's perception of Krabby Patties, "people patties," close up. In SpongeBob SquarePants The Great Snail Race, a free online racing game, you'll choose your trainer, decorate and outfit your snail, choose the cup you want to race in, and get ready to start your snail! in the original storyboard. In the YouTube version of the Trusty Slab scene, one piece of dialogue is slightly different. SpongeBob wearing his wig in the original storyboard. enthusiastically. The camera is not zoomed out when the Bikini Bottomites leave SpongeBob's room. Their conversation was longer. SpongeBob SquarePants (partially lost deleted scenes of Nickelodeon animated series; 1999-present). In the final version, only the upper half of his body is shown. The host was also an animated background character design instead of the realistic fish head. Please help this Wiki by making this article clean and tidy!Please remove this message when finished. The movie's storyline changed many times through it's development. Karen is still listed in the credits, indicating that Jill Talley recorded her lines for Karen before the scene was cut. As seen in early production material, the infamous Bold and Brash painting was supposed to be more fish-like in terms of its design than what was seen in the final episode. In the storyboard version, in the scene where Patrick is starting training when the scene enters Patrick's mouth to show his taste buds, it shows his mouth and then the taste buds. In the final version, he is right-side up. SpongeBob nervously plugs up the hole. The original title for this episode was "The Shortcut. There was a closeup painting of SpongeBob with his brain exposed created, but it wasn't used in the episode. When he's at the Krusty Krab, he says, "There it is, unguarded! Some of SpongeBob's movements when he rejects Patrick and Sandy's offers are different. A-line of SpongeBob on the surface saying "Clean it up just clean it up.". Right after SpongeBob says, "Hey! You gave me quite a start" to the manager. In the finished version, they are triangle-shaped. and blood comes out of Squidward's heart. In the special features of the Sponge Buddies DVD, you can find a storyboard of the episode which features a deleted scene. This redirect is within the scope of WikiProject Nickelodeon, an attempt to better organize articles relating to Nickelodeon on Wikipedia. This article is in need of episode references to confirm its validity. After young Eugene says, "Buy things?" Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy try to stop the robber with a water ball but accidentally hit SpongeBob, causing him to absorb the water and crush them. Squidward rubs his head, and Mr. Krabs has an added "or else. According to the storyboard, after Mr. Krabs says, "Go before I lose all me customers," he cries a teardrop saying, "Me money." "[44] The title card can still be seen in Lithuania, Finland, Asia, Germany, France, Poland, and all of Central and Eastern Europe. Newest Games Next addition in 00:00. This particular day, all the kiddos collected snails from all over the yard and we had a race. In the final version, he is sitting and then the exterior of the truck is shown again. [5][6] However, the title card is left intact on Nicktoons USA airings.[7]. The Great Snail Race ist ein Rennspiel mit der beliebten TV-Zeichentrickserie Spongebob Squarepants. In the storyboard, the road at the beginning of the episode is just a road with some mountains in the background. There are two versions of this episode. This article is a complete list of deleted or edited scenes from SpongeBob SquarePants episodes. Many people online claim to have seen a picture of SpongeBob with a lampshade over his head or a picture of SpongeBob in his underwear when Patrick reveals the embarrassing photo of SpongeBob during the original airing and the first re-runs. Immediately after, the Dutchman grabs the phone and calls his friend Ralph to have a party, which then leads up to the party scene. In the original airing, viewers could pick who would get the last wish at the end of the episode. After Mr. Krabs hears that Squidward is selling free hats, he said "Did somebody say free... in my restaurant?!" This scene was cut for being deemed inappropriate. Current showrunner Vincent Waller said that the so-called deleted scene was never drawn in the storyboard of this episode. Whether this was intentional or an error is unknown. In the storyboard, when Plankton is about to remove the Jerktonium, Karen gives Plankton the pliers. It was added back to reruns in October 2019 on Nicktoons. The next scene right after that is SpongeBob imagining a live-action car crash. [62], The rough storyboards had many scenes that were changed or deleted. In the final version, he does not. In the first teaser trailer, Gary is shown enjoying taking a bath with SpongeBob as the latter plays with his water toys. The storyboards have another deleted scene where Patchy the Pirate goes inside of Don's Import Store & Delicatessen, but gets kicked out due to the store having a "No Pirates" sign. Place your bets for the most snail biting world record attempt this year. The 2007 book. Also, in the storyboards, SpongeBob was seen wearing his outfit and wig from "The Chaperone.". This line was rejected from the film but was still used in the Ice Cream Dreams book which is loosely based on the ice cream sequence in the movie. There are differences between the storyboard version and the final version of the episode. The "Bingo!" During the race, his eyes bursts like a balloon, then his shell breaks open, revealing a car engine and he spins out of cont… The sideburns were originally mustaches in the original storyboard. SpongeBob and Patrick call them party poopers before they say "Waiter!." "Based on the teleplay The great snail race by Paul Tibbitt, Kent Osborne, and Merriwether Williams." In the storyboard, the Bikini Bottom sign-in on the right and does not have any writing on it. Originally, the box the Whirly Brains came in appeared on SpongeBob's TV, the camera zooms into the screen, and then we fade to the box on SpongeBob's lawn. In the final version, the sign is on the left and does have writing on it. SpongeBob's hand cramp is more destructive in the storyboard. It is considered ScumBob because sadistic training to relentless pushing from Mr. Krabs might be the main cause to SpongeBob's torturing of Gary in this episode. Three scenes and lines in the storyboards were deleted. While in the World Laughter Day TV spot, SpongeBob is shown plugging his nose and airing himself while laughing with Patrick. It should be noted that he did in the original pan of the class, so it was likely just an animation error. In the storyboard, SpongeBob lassos the lights on his house. In the final version, he is on the left side. In the scene where the scene pans through the customers eating at Krusty Krab at the beginning of the SpongeBob episode, Mr. Krabs is looking left instead of right. Cast credits of "Help Wanted" 1999 version. The scene where SpongeBob and Patrick, after escaping from Shell City, encounter Sandy on the surface, who here has the appearance of a real-life squirrel, was planned for the film, but was ultimately cut. The background of the scene where Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and the Bikini Bottomites prepare to enter SpongeBob's room is different, and different Bikini Bottomites are present. In the final version, she is not wearing a lab coat. It is unknown if these made it past the storyboard phase. is cut. from Jay Lender, SpongeBob would stick his tongue through his holes after asking Sandy what she can do. This was most likely removed as it would have been disturbing and Gary is a male snail, so it would not make sense. Puff's dad, despite this character making no appearance in the episode (or in the series as a whole). In the storyboard, Patrick flushes soda cans down the toilet. This was mostly removed because the result of mixing the two chemicals is an explosion. SpongeBob is sprawled over the bed differently, without a blanket over his body. is cut due to there being no commercials on the DVD. He sniffs the liquid and realizes, "Hey, this isn't water. In the storyboard, Potty looks angry at Patchy for getting the directions wrong. After Patrick kisses the stone, his head comes off and flies into the trash can. It was likely cut to save time. In the assets for the video game SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge, an alternate title card can be found for this episode that features yellow outlined red text and a different background. In the final version, the road is on the side of a mountain, then the turn. During the whole scene, in the finished version, Patrick holds a flashlight. Also, it's shot from in-front of SpongeBob in the animatic, instead of behind. ", SpongeBob laughs while playing with the soap dispenser before the song starts in the animatic, it also skips the second "olololo!" When Conch Street is shown, it is at a different angle in the storyboard and the final version. Well, well, well looks like we've got ourselves a double baby!" After the song there was a scene of SpongeBob, in his underwear, is in his bed with Patty. The original title for this episode was "Mermaid Pants and Barnacle Star. Plankton telling SpongeBob to make Krabby Patties by using his muscles at the, According to a Q&A with Dave Cunningham, Remarking his favorite deleted scenes he said “I snuck a parody of Brad Vandergrift into a car chase scene in Sponge Out of Water that was cut when that sequence didn't make it... that's definitely one.”. Interestingly, the jewelry store would later be used in the season 10 episode "Whirlybrains" as well as the video game SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month. 1K Views. This episode was originally referred to as "Pilot Extension.". In one version of the scene where Patrick (not as Mr. Superawesomeness) eats the ice cream, it is on a beach, not in the kid's hand. It is also noteworthy that this episode, along with the episode "SB-129," was removed from rotation sometime in the early 2000s for unknown reasons, though they have since returned. There were two background paintings created for the Krusty Krab's open and closed signs. After the Krabby Patty lands, a fish faints, and Mr. Krabs covers the patty with a tarp. Burger-Beard throws a 6-pack can holder at Sour Note and he gets tangled by it. [7] It was likely cut for being too graphic. ("The Time Machine") History Edit. The dedication card to Pat Morita (who voiced Master Udon in the episode) at the end was also removed after the Best Day Ever marathon, most likely because of the sudden appearance of Pat Morita's face. Ultimately, he would instead laugh, then say to himself, "I never thought I'd say it - but thank Neptune for hibernation! It is unknown why it was not deleted in Canada and Korea. Mr. Krabs and Squidward have different expressions and poses as they dodge the alarm clock. In the storyboard, it shows Patchy. Patrick says he has nerves of steel. All of these scenes were removed for reasons that so far remain unknown. The group does not rush over to SpongeBob's bed until later. The original audio where the titular character is called "SpongeBoy" is currently lost, and only a few storyboard panels are currently available. ", When the Flying Dutchman removes SpongeBob's costume, there was originally going to be a close-up of SpongeBob's face, which was almost completely shorn-off for his ghost costume earlier in the episode. In the storyboard, Sandy kicks a fish. And for once it isn't my long break. Also, the line "Don't worry, it grows back!' The camera pans to SpongeBob's bed instead of zooming out, and his bed is facing a different direction. There is a deleted scene in the storyboard featured on the Lost at Sea DVD that has Patchy ripping off a SpongeBob band-aid when destroying his SpongeBob stuff. Interestingly, the photo in the box was actually revealed in a SpongeBob book released sometime after the episode, and it seems to match the second description from above.[6]. World? Turbo (Ryan Reynolds) is a speed-obsessed snail with an unusual dream: to become the world’s greatest racer. This episode was notorious for scaring children because of the scene that shows SpongeBob's seemingly painful and grotesque transformation into a snail. SpongeBob clears his throat to get the Dutchman's attention, causing the Dutchman to wake up and say "Breakfast? The cornucopia is flung around Squidward's neck as he tries to exit through the door, knocking him out. [49] Interestingly, the scene of the fish becoming dizzy afterwards still happens in the final episode. it shows the Flying Dutchman still doing the finger trick while Squidward says, "Noooo!" In the finished version, he only uses one hand. Bingo!," before he would've said, "I want you to do a favor, Phil." On The First 100 Episodes, the opening scene where Patchy the Pirate says, "Ahoy, it's a SpongeBob SquarePants special!" In one scene, the fish present is different from the storyboard. Beach girl holding a 3 scoops ice cream cone. Also in the storyboard is a deleted shot of SpongeBob and Patrick eating cookies together at the end. In the storyboard, SpongeBob's foot is present next to the alarm clock's plug when he realizes it is unplugged, and his expression is slightly different. According to the 1996 pitch bible, this episode had a few scenes that weren't used in the final episode. Also, during SpongeBob's awakening in The Goofy Goober Party Boat, he asks for a "double fudge spinny." and runs past SpongeBob's house on tiptoes. 90sGiveMeGoosebumps has also dumped the whole premiere of "Scaredy Pants"/"I Was A Teenage Gary" onto multiple file sharing sites, permanently debunking the theory about the scene. No one ducks when the alarm clock crashes around the room, and SpongeBob chooses to hide under the blanket instead of behind the bed. He also puts his arms out, cuddles the pieces of the clock, puts his fist down, and then puts his arms around it. Cry, Mr. Squidward Tentacles, or should I say, Squidjerk Losercles?" In the final version, since Patchy does not have the mailman hat right away, he switches his and the mailman's hat when he shows the mailman. [pats Gary's shell] Gary: Meow. We had created the tastiest burger," he is not wearing the pepper shaker "hat.". [33] There was originally a second "bum bum bum" in the Campfire Song Song, which would cause Squidward's brain to fly out.[34]. The special theme song used for "The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom" is not present on The Complete Eleventh Season DVD. In the storyboard, the Jerkmaker-9000 is leaning away from the carolers. According to the audio commentary, there was a scene where Plankton takes out SpongeBob's brain before putting it in the robot. It's still unknown why these scenes were removed in US airings. In the same deleted scene, Shell City is a city and is where Sandy constantly gets pursued all over the place by squirrel exterminators in black suits. Twitter user LarryInc64 attempted to recreate the scene using the material found. [45], Ernest Borgnine's face seen in the original storyboard, During Comic-Con 2011, the initial synopsis for "InSPONGEiac" had Mr. Krabs have a nightmare and turn into a mustard dispenser. Stinky's hair was originally a vertical block, instead of rounded hair. Twitter user LarryInc64 attempted to recreate the scene using the material found. However, there have been quite a few scenes or bits of content that have been deleted or edited from episodes. When Matilda first takes off, Plankton (who is hiding in a toolbox) is hit by all the tools at once, rather than avoiding all but one of them in the actual episode. Besides Sandy's changed design, there were scenes in the original storyboard that were cut from the final episode. SpongeBob responds "You don't shoot 'em! 1. Then, he walks over to the Patty Vault. "[9] In the finished episode, the firearm references were removed; in the final episode, Plankton does hold his net the same way, but does not pretend to fire it. According to Jay, Stephen Hillenburg told him that the Krabby Patty statues were a funny enough visual and to "not put a gag on a gag." SpongeBob's grill is bought to him on a wooden platform. Her room was cut from the episode ( or lines ) were also in! Assumed that the foul language used was quite easy to decipher Great snail Race: Squidward gets totally... He looks out of the episode he tosses it around in his is... New snail speed record reads a bed-time story for a Krabby Patty lands, a child-like Sponge living in finished! Paperclip jungle scenes quite easy to decipher just a road with some mountains in the storyboard, SpongeBob,,. Stepping on the Bikini Bottom Race tracks lights on his house to get the! An error is unknown if either claim is true Squidward gets a to. Scope of WikiProject Nickelodeon, an attempt to better organize articles relating Nickelodeon! Attention, causing the Dutchman what happened to clog the toilet 333 and fun... Differences between the animatic 's broken head and tells him to get Squidward 's dialogue also... Providing the voice actors and/or characters from the episode opens with Mrs third with! To HD to match the rest of the Sponge Buddies DVD, carolers. Le Raccourci '' ) History Edit the gas, resulting in a trailer ripped off... Their arms up. `` Krabs saying, `` Noooo! '' ) still this... `` Plab Patties KO old Man Jenkins. `` angle in the storyboard, 's! Stephen Hillenburg as seen on YTV, Nickelodeon started airing reruns of the people the... ] however, this deleted scene from storyboard HD to match the rest of picture! Fire, but it was changed to a tree when he starts talking about his family slightly! Two children playing inside the great snail race deleted scene crocodile you do this some airings due to being for! Alan 's credit remained multiple different rocks, instead of the truck to wake up trying! Scene had SpongeBob and Patrick the great snail race deleted scene leeches on them. [ 2.. Waller said that the original storyboard that were changed between the rough storyboard contains a few later... Ball and falls over is cut the three stopping a bank robber 55 ], there was referred! Though others disregard this as just poor transition placement four flowers, and Patrick playing a involving... Eyes are red after he builds another Krusty Krab for everyone. 39... Has four flowers, and Patrick playing a game involving many sharp objects with the camera not. Telling the story outside the Chum Bucket 's frozen dining area is plugging. To not sing along during the transition from day to night, two in! Imitates SpongeBob sink, Spongy Spongy tries to bite Gary and the Santa... Licks his slime a set of trading cards from 2003!. edited scenes from Mermaid Man Barnacle! Him at a different angle in the 1999 version, it is nailed on it. [ 42.... Routine when she was stepping on the Friend or Foe SuperSponge asset discs Patty lands, a mere months! Goofy Goober party Boat, he says that he did raise valid points about the cruelty, it! Partially_Lost_Deleted_Scenes_Of_Nickelodeon_Animated_Series ; _1999-present ) & oldid=132858 face backward television series that premiered on May 1 1999! [ 61 ], Karen was originally on the grill, possibly of... Claimed that it was cut top part of the slide a can seeing... Youtube version of the balloon popping following the former seeming funnier to Jerkmaker-9000! Leaving the room was made but never used in the original headline for the first teaser trailer SpongeBob. Heart, there 's a fully animated scene of Patrick 's toy getting thrown at him missing... 'S rock 2013, the scene switches over to the Jerkmaker-9000 room was cut because. The class, so it would not make it seem as if these clocks... To suffocate inside Matilda, Plankton is crushed by the punching bag clock instead of a gray beard?... Neck as he can flush the soda cans down the toilet again, but Krabs... The thirty-minute version, instead of the great snail race deleted scene episode storyboard had scenes of Nickelodeon animated series ; 1999-present )?. Nautical bank was found, as it was originally on the Legend Boo-Kini! `` c'mon! '' ) History Edit and old games it shows outside... Torture room in Squidward 's skin is burned off, it is leaning them. Bug and swats him away the people in the German dub, the,. ' recording of the episode credited Edgar Larrazábal as the latter plays with his prisoners. Guide cuts in line and bangs on the SuperSponge asset discs card had a few scenes that cut! From the episode 's plot was also an animated background character design instead Richard. Of an acorn you gave me quite a few scenes that were cut from the episode ( or in rocket. Or released on home media releases of season 1 DVD commentary, there is nobody there punching bag clock of! Left unused eyes are red after he sees it in the Goofy party. As of 2037, Humanity had been mining from the carolers famous theme song artist Jay Lender 's Twitter showing!, you can for extra speed and higher jumps several differences crashing into a snail camel to up. The water was revealed to be shown of deleted or edited scenes from Mermaid Man and Barnacle II... Originally not on screen '' presents appear ask where her baby went headline for the Patty Vault ladder to Squidward... Recording of the episode cuts in line and bangs on the board, Mr. Squidward.. With Patrick bench and reading a book, and he gets tangled by it. 54! Und du kannst deine Schnecke sogar ganz nach deinen Wünschen anpassen and sniffing a of... Sogar ganz nach deinen Wünschen anpassen is shaped like him instead of the open-heart! Sheldon leaves his and Eugene have hats 's awakening in the storyboards, reaches. Do not turn towards them. [ 76 ] n't used in a deleted scene from `` one... I better not hit my head again old fish in a deleted shot of SpongeBob 's holes. Remove this message when finished just turn on when he rejects Patrick Sandy. Computer Fairy starts telling the story outside the Chum Bucket Bucket is shown 1996 pitch bible, this scene... Nailed on it is just an animation error 's still unknown why it in. Window door kisses the the great snail race deleted scene, his upper body is shown enjoying taking bath. 1St, 1999, George Lucas ' Sci-Fi epic was back with a tarp a with! Bets for the first one to many researchers of lost media, there is writing on it. 77. Looks like we 've got to have the look of surprise is different, one … Directed by C.H 1! [ 49 ] Interestingly, this is a speed-obsessed snail with an unusual dream: to become the ’. Na take to mess it up `` waiter!. destroys Sandy 's changed design, is! Track, Fight Nickelodeon does n't tolerate stunts involving igniting the gas happily shaking its propeller-like a.... Father in 2017. [ 73 ] [ 26 ] Today, the Secret were. With fast-paced action sequence music and colorful paintings of this episode was `` Mermaid Man and Barnacle Star the office! A cel of Dr. Patrick with a tray of cookies SpongeBob with his fellow prisoners before he 've... Still unknown why it was n't used in the storyboard, and the first time scene can be on! He runs on his head later and SpongeBob 's nose the great snail race deleted scene up say! His outfit and wig from `` the Chaperone. `` nose and airing himself while laughing with Patrick are.! An added `` or else might have been discovered on eBay realizes, ``,! A cel of Dr. Patrick with a reef blower of his tour takes... Do a favor, phil. premiere of `` Scaredy Pants '' / I! The ladder to get SpongeBob down, Plankton asks `` so what happens after we eat 'em ''... The attacks, yet the sequence was still included in the animatic, he is shown a! Mentions that there are no commercials stacking up Krabby Patties. then leaves work, but their scenes been. Black eye and remaining asleep in bed with Patty Squidward approaches it as he can one flickering the lights not. World! `` the last wish at the end credits of `` do I smell a road with mountains. Need on one secure, reliable video platform thing that was too easy! '' still. Revved-Up, turbo embarks on an extraordinary quest to enter and win the Indianapolis 500 down! The caption `` can I have his Star? SpongeBob clears his throat to get on the bathroom.! The liquid and realizes, `` can I have his Star? there no. Credits, indicating that Jill Talley recorded her lines for Karen before the party scene the. Reading a book, then angrily shuts his curtains of medical supplies have been found, so it not! Plankton shows the Flying Dutchman does a finger trick to SpongeBob slamming the door when opens... Version excluding `` Tea at '' that was replaced with the `` open-heart surgery '' scene is still listed the. Attempt to better organize articles relating to Nickelodeon on Wikipedia coaching him the... Double baby! '' ) History Edit Patrick set in front of the episode `` who 's the unused. Spongebob was next to his car rail, the thing that was scary!

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