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Your Dad has Normal types so prepare a fighting Pokémon near LVL 30 to beat him. I can't get into the gym in petalburg, so I was wondering if anyone who had played the game knew how to get in. You have to beat the trainer in the room you are in to advance to the next room. I definitely would have picked a Treecko.' How do i get to the petalburg gym and beat my dad...he just says that i have progressed? Made for Pixelmonmod servers. I can't figure it out either! 'Torchic stop that right now !' To get to your Dad you will need to beat three rooms straight of Gym trainers. Wally will give you the PlayNav feature for the PokeNav Plus. You need to defeat Flannery and have collected all the other badges obtainable thus far. Download. After you heal your Pokemon and go to the Mart, you'll want to go on to the next city. Head northwest to find a dialog outside of the city Gym. Petalburg Gym!!! This Gym belongs to Norman and he wil only battle trainer who have got 4 Gym Bagdes from Hoenn already. Before you do anything else, go deep into the desert, and I mean all the way north. We take on the Petalburg Gym and its Leader Norman for the Balance Badge!! I will show off each room starting with the one on the left, Speed Room. Petalburg Woods. Now head west to Route 104 and go north. This gym is one of the most unique in the game and series as a whole, as it is based on the very common Normal type, but each room focuses on a different kind of item that the trainer will use on them. Go to Petalburg Gym and go through the door until you reach Norman! Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Let's Play / HD Gameplay Walkthrough Part 20! Well my girlfriend and I broke up after she decided to text/mess with a guy at her church. I want to level up some of my pokemon first though as they are sort of weak besides one or two, and that strategy doesn't work in this game because the trainers are a lot smarter now. After the Gym Battle, Norman will see you out of the Gym, where you’ll meet Wally and his uncle. Pokemon Perla is a hacked version of pokemon Ruby. But if you don't, attack with as much brute force as you can and then hope that Truant will get you the victory. The Petalburg Gym Part 4-18, Episode 365 of The story of a Gardevoir that became a Trainer in WEBTOON. Basically, Ash ends up fighting and sort of defeating the main character of the third Pokemon game generation. Petalburg City¶. Now, you CAN take a different Route, if you want to. Cooltrainer Mary Delcatty Lv 27 Yes, all the trainers have Lv 27 Pokémon. A unusual Gardevoir has dreams of becoming a Pokemon Trainer and having adventures of her own, much like the ones she observes. Can't really remember where I trained, all I know is I fought a lot of Zangoose. how to get to the petalburg gym. Posted: apr 05, 2009 7:39 pm. The Speed Room trainer has a fast Taillow. This trainer will only use wurmple You will get an Item ahead of that trainer. -- Off to Petalburg City --OK we have obtained the Pokemon we need, picked up some levels and some free stuff, and added some good things to our kit. im playing pokemon sapphire and i was wondering how i can get to the 5th gym in it? Fossil Finding . How do i get to the fourth gym? The Gym Leader is none other than your father, Norman. After beating Flannery you can now head back to Petalburg to challenge your Dad. 0 0!!! from the grunt you battled in petalburg woods. Best answer. Yokihana. Petalburg City Surf north east of the gym to get a max revive, also surf south west to get a ether there is also a rare candy hidden east of the ether Route 104-109 Surf and fight trainers for more experience Route 110 The Trick House also get a rare candy north east of the trick house. 'What ! Hoenn Region Petalburg Gym. A unusual Gardevoir has dreams of becoming a Pokemon Trainer and having adventures of her own, much like the ones she observes. Unregistered. You must get 4 badges before you can challenge the Petalburg City Gym. Max asks if his mother and father are home, and Kenny completely flips out, stuttering and tripping over his sentences. just go down, through the forest and arrive at petalburg city. The latter, as thanks for helping Wally on his way thus far, will hand over HM03 (Surf).. Surf is, in battle, a decent Water-type move of 90 Power that hits everyone adjacent to the user; in the field, it will let you cross waters now that you’ve actually earned the Balance Badge. Tese are the Normal Pokemon. Petalburg City, unlike the previous city, has a gym. You will arrive at Rustburo city. If you have a Fighting Type, this Gym should be easy. If i guess correctly, you should have defeated flannery, the fire gym, and want to go to petalburg gym next. Wally's parents will give you the TM surf when you talk to them. I'm just sitting arouns, leveling up my pokemon but i dont no how to get to the fourth gym. (im playing on a gameboy advance emulator on my PC) so i just need help to get to it/which town its in? With these goggles, you'll be able to get through the deserts without any problems. If you can, give me a very detailed answer because the more steps there are, the better for me. First Ash now Torchic. Cut to Petalburg Gym, as Max remarks they are home, with May remarking it hasn't changed a bit. Go North of the Cottage to head to Petalburg Woods and the last trainer of the Route. His next Pokemon is his Level 29 Linoone, worth 784XP, followed by the main event, his Level 31 Slaking, which is worth 1395XP. We already done the research and spend a lot of time for you. I just used this Route. One is the Root Fossil, and the other is the Claw Fossil. then … Now continue west to reach Petalburg City. oceanic museum: pay 50 yen to enter the museum. The reason he doesn’t get it is because the gym leader’s son poses as a gym leader and ends up wasting everyone’s time, more or less. 'He had that coming,' she commented. Posted: apr 07, 2009 6:20 pm. Petalburg City! Our Battle with the Petalburg Gym Leader -- Battle with Gym Leader Dad --Norman begins the battle with a Level 27 Spinda worth 490XP, and then brings out his Level 27 Vigoroth, which is worth 729XP. I battled every trainer possible to battle. Subscribe to stay tuned! When you win, you get the Balance Badge, which means Pokemon up to Lv. If you find product , Deals.If at the time will discount more Savings So you already decide you want have How To Fight for your, but you don't know where to get the best price for this How To Fight . After you deafeat your 4th badge from Flannery, Brendan/May will say somthing about battling petalburg citys gym. Petalburg City is a small community in southern Hoenn. all of my pokemon are level 100 so its not a problem beating it. There, you'll find two fossils. If the room says something like 'Accuracy Room' it means the trainer will use an X Accuracy, and so on and so forth. -- Stay connected with me! Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. Exp farming before petalburg gym? RELATED QUESTIONS. what will i do to get in the petalburg gym? Lv 7. Take the path to the right and go up. Norman is the 5th Gym leader in Hoenn that uses Normal-type Pokémon.It is recommended to use Fighting-type moves to tackle his Pokémon.You can only battle him after you get four badges. ANSWER 0 Anonymous ANSWERS: 0. Just go to verdanturf town and go through the rusturf tunnel using rock smash on the way. All of the members of our team should now be at least Level 8 (higher is better), and we now have a full team with a good selection of Types, so it is time to actually head for Petalburg. On the Slateport Beach ride on Mr. Briney's ship to Rustboro. How To Fight Petalburg Gym to find out where to get the best deal on How To Fight Petalburg Gym. Well, then, Daddy's hard, if you didn't know. After leaving the gym, your rival will give you go-googles and then head east into the desert. Name: JT Prizes: Balance Badge TM Facade Rules: 2v2 or 3v3 GSC or RS no items Pokemon: ((OWN ALL)) Raticate Snorlax Togetic Kangaskhan Dodrio Clefable Certified Trainers: Raik Dap Magare Allie Tamer Failed Trainers! Relevance. That's when the fire type used Peck. Norman the Petalburg City Gym Leader uses a level 28 Vigoroth and long with 2 Slaking -1 at level 28 and the other at 30. 60 will obey you. Now, do some good training, as the Gym leader's Pokemon are ranging from levels 28-31! In Sapphire you couldn't go to Petalburg gym until later in the game, it's your 5th badge so you cannot battle Norman (the dad) until after you've gottten your 4th badge, so that could be your problem, not the game. 'Okay that means that the Petalburg Gym is where you come from May,' Ash asked. Finally. Just got 4 badges and as such can use a few more of the games features. Leave a LIKE if you enjoy the video! You should see a man get attacked by a gang member who you will battle to help the man. Petalburg City Gym - Normal Type This gym is weird. Feb 14, 2004 17:47:29 GMT -5 . Answer Save. After conquering the fourth gym in Lavaridge Town, the player has the option to go back to Petalburg City instantly to challenge the protagonist’s father, Norman. Each room contains a Trainer who specializes in a … In the anime, Petalburg is the first gym Ash challenges, but he doesn’t get a badge and also has to return to it later. The bratty brother seemed to have a skill to tick people off. Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by JT on Feb 14, 2004 17:47:29 GMT -5. re: petalburg gym trouble Hmm, go to where you got Swablu, find Zangoose and battle him. Reply Subscribe Abuse. We got back together and she wants me to go to church with her. Hope you enjoy Download map now! Enjoy!! talk to the team magma/aqua members and get tm 46 theif. We then get their gym's caretaker, Kenny, who is dressed in a blue gi and sandals with green cuffs. Continue north and enter the Petalburg Woods. Favourite answer. This page contains Pokemon Perla, q&a, questions and answesr cheatsguru can someone tell me the town its in? Petalburg City Gym. You should find a Bug triainer. Please help! 0. She only has a Zigzagoon In Petalburg Woods head left. : Velly … You won't be able to battle here, though, since this is supposed to be the fifth gym, and you need to visit the first four gyms to get the first four badges before coming here. Head East from there, and there you are! May said. The Petalburg Gym Part 2-16, Episode 317 of The story of a Gardevoir that became a Trainer in WEBTOON. But you can't, because a guy stops you from going on to It's located between Route 102 in the east and Route 104 in the west.. Help Wally. When you get out of the gym, your rival will talk to you and give you the Go-Goggles. 1 decade ago . The Petalburg Gym is set up as a series of rooms. It was named Perla because the pokemon you catch at the end is a Lucario. You also get TM67 for Retaliate. How To Fight. 1 Answer. The Minecraft Map, Petalburg Gym, was posted by wonderblox.

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