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I grew up with the understanding that lish machh was a seasonal celebration. But the simplicity in ingredients brings up the traditional Shorshe Ilish dish to the Bengalis. Green chilies 5 or 6. Shorshe ilish is a traditional Bengali dish that employs ilish fish as its star ingredient. We made Paturi too and there was the family recipe of Doi Ilish which Ma cooked for Madhushree after marriage. But traditionally black mustard seeds are soaked in water and then ground in a mortal pestle with some green chilies and fresh turmeric. The silver shiny fish is the king of all. Shorshe Ilish was all time favorite. Ingredients: Doi Ilish or Shorshe Ilish (Hilsa/Shad in Mustard Sauce) Ilish or Hilsa (1.5 lbs or roughly 6 pieces) 1/2 cup Yogurt; 2-3 tbsp Mustard Paste; 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder; Mustard Oil (Preferred, otherwise any other oil would even do) 1/2 tsp Kalo Jeera (Kalonji Seeds) 3-4 Green Chillies ; Chopped Cilantro ; Clean the Ilish pieces and pat dry them. Taste, texture, and flavour nothing compares to it. Shorshe Ilish/Shorisha Ilish/Hilsha Fish curry is delicious and traditional fish curry in Bangladesh and also in West Bengal. So lets start with the recipe for preparing Shorshe Ilish. Ilish Begun jhol – One of the most undermined ones in this entire fare. Ilish (Hilsa fish) is an absolute favourite of Bengalis. And now to the Ilish Bhaape or Bhapa Ilish aka Steamed Hilsa.The dish I had talked about in my earlier post, the signature Bengali Ilish dish which has to be on all important menus when Ilish is in season. So for today’s special dinner, I made a very simple but traditional hilsa recipe, Narkal- Doi- shorshe Ilish Bhapa/ Steamed Hilsa in Coconut -mustard-yogurt gravy Give a Bangali bhodrolok some bhaat and illish maach, he would happily polish off his plate in no time. Hilsa steeped in a pungent mustard sauce steamed to perfection with a liberal dousing of mustard oil is a sensuous experience. Shorshe Ilish, Ilisher Jhol, Ilish Paturi, Ilisher Bharta, and what not! For the Bengalis’ fish is an integral part of their lives. Till date, whenever Madhushree cooks it, she makes it a point to get it tasted by Ma before serving. One drenches us with sweet, life giving rain ... washing away the dust and the heat and all things painful ... leaving behind a cleaner, fresher new time. Shorshe Bhapa Ilish before I put the pot on steaming Shorshe Bhapa ilish after the food has been cooked. Doi Diye Ilish Shorshe Bata ( Hilsa fish with mustard and yoghurt) Angshuman Saha July 8, 2020. I feel this is one of the easiest recipe as the preparation is fuss free. The silver shiny fish is the king of all. July 19, 2015 By Debjani 2 Comments. Great recipe for Doi shorshe ilish (Hilsa with yogurt mustard paste). Doi Ilish. So this is very festival dish in our Bangladesh. The queen is a stunner, a prima donna, ever content to play herself, the only embellishments she accepts for her performance tonight is a generous smear of mustard paste. However, we realised, we haven’t done the Shorshe Ilish here. Hand in hand. So for today’s special dinner, I made a very simple but traditional hilsa recipe, Narkal- Doi- shorshe Ilish Bhapa/ Steamed Hilsa in Coconut -mustard-yogurt gravy Lot of people add yogurt, poppy seeds paste in shorshe ilish. But this is my favourite Ilish dish and I made it this tme too. Today I am sharing a very common preparation of this fish in a Bengali kitchen. Description and habitat ... Shorshe Ilish, a dish of smoked ilish with mustard seeds, has been an important part of Bengali cuisine. It’s hard to resist for us as a family and not to make a trip to the nearest Bangladeshi shop for frozen Hilsa that they import from Bangladesh. Doi ilish. I don’t think anyone can cook this as well as Ma can. Doi Shorshe Ilish / Hilsa in yoghurt and mustard sauce - the stove top way The monsoons and the Hilsa come to us together. Doi shorshe Ilish is a very traditional recipe which my mother and I learnt from my grandma. Ilish bhaape, also known as Shorshe lish bhapa (or bhaape) meaning steamed mustard hilsa, is a Bengali recipe of hilsa fish (a type of shad) steamed in a potent mustard, doi (yoghurt) and coconut paste. Now-a-days we are celebrated Begali new year or Noboborsho on April 14 each year with Panta Bhat and Ilish Bhaja along with Shorshe Ilish. Though the taste is no doubt the reason but another aspect is the easy making process I suppose. Ingredients. Ilish/Hilsa herring fish 800 gram, cut into pieces such that each piece is about 100 gram weight. For more Bengali recipe, check out this page: Cookbook. Doi posto shorshe ilish. No onion, No garlic, No ginger equals to what I believe is fuss free. In a pan, heat 3-4tbsp of mustard oil and start adding the black and white mustard paste, cumin seed, 1tbsp of turmeric powder, salt and a pinch of sugar .Then add the raw marinated ilish in the pan and stir it for one minute. One look at the Mustard sauce and you know what I am talking about. It is the other version of Bhapa Ilish or the steam cooked Ilisih / Hilsa. Did not have a very good idea on weilding the camera and did not get a this decent sized fish. 0 Comments. Similar Recipe: Bhape Doi Ilish. Ilish or Hisla. A simple fish curry with a side of rice and you are sorted for the day. Shorshe Ilish- The evergreen classic – mildly fried Ilish is cooked with a rich paste of mustard seeds, green chilies and that dash of mustard oil required to make this piquant. It is actually a very easy dish to cook as long as you are confident about the balance of flavours. The fish no Bengali can resist. Out of all the varieties of fish, Even though it looks very polished, it is a fairly easy recipe to execute, requiring few ingredients, no special technique, and very little time. Ilish Fry an important part of Bengali cuisine. We dry grind the poppy seeds and the mustard seeds in the chutney section of the mixer and grinder as does my mother. Ilish is the first preferred fish for most of the Bengali people. Sorsebata Ilish Mach Recipe, Learn how to make Sorsebata Ilish Mach (absolutely delicious recipe of Sorsebata Ilish Mach ingredients and cooking method) Bengals favourite fish dish - Hilsa in the local five spice mix, coated in a mustard and poppy seed paste.. Ilish or Hisla. This Ilish Macher shorshe jhol recipe is again a big-time hit in my kitchen. Doi Ilish, a classical Bengali Curd based Hilsa Curry. Shorshe ilish is a Bengali dish, native to the Bengal region of the Indian subcontinent, made from hilsa or Tenualosa ilisha, a type of herring, cooked in mustard gravy. The dish is popular among the people in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura and Assam’s Barak valley, and the nation of Bangladesh. Taste, texture, and flavour nothing compares to it. Second, it basically needs minimum ingredients to bring together a luxurious meal as per a Bengali’s definition. Sliced ilish is slowly simmered in a thick broth consisting of ground mustard seeds and green chili peppers, as well as mustard oil and other spices such as turmeric, cumin, and red chili powder. Take the raw ilish mach (hilsa) in a bowl and add 1-2tbsp of mustard oil, 1tbsp of cumin seed and 2 green chillies and keep it aside. Doi Sorse Ilish or Hilsa prepared with Yogurt and Mustard paste happens to be my husband’s favourite Bengali Fish preparation. And despite exact recipe, the taste may differ. In my shorshe bhapa Ilish, I have used mustard powder which is readily available and makes my life a lot easier. Both make their way into our hearts with ease. Which it is even now, other than some restaurants making it a permament feature on their menus. Bhape Shorshe Chingri. The sauce or gravy is the same ... only instead of steaming it, I bake it in an oven. Shorshe Ilish is cooked with mustard seeds, mustard oil, green chili, turmeric, red chili powder and mustard oil. It is not only an essential food in a Bong household but also considered auspicious at any occasion. The fish no Bengali can resist. In Andhra Pradesh, the saying goes "Pustelu ammi ayina Pulasa tinocchu", meaning roughly "It's worth eating Pulasa/Ilish even if you have to sell your mangala sutra." Although this year the prices of Hilsa are at an all time high in Kolkata but my family and I are ardent Ilish fans and this was our first Ilish this year. Serves: 4; To me Ilish or Hilsa fish is the epitome of Bengali culture and symbolises the Bengali tradition. Ingredients for cooking Shorshe Bhapa Ilish (Hilsa steamed in Mustard sauce) Hilsa Fish, Ilish Mach, ideally from Padma river. Typical recipe of Yeast Bengal it's a delicious combination of yogurt ,mustard paste and coconut paste in mustard oil and lends an authentic flavour to this superb delicacy and enjoyed with a plate of steaming rice . Being a bengali, it is quite impossible to resist the temptation of the hilsa. Ilish a.k.a Hilsa possesses a special place in Bengali’s palate and that is irrespective of the Bangal Ghati divide! You have guessed it right – this is doi ilish, another ageless Bengali favorite, where the Queen of fish takes yoghurt as a companion to raise their performance to yet another exalted level.And yes there’s just a touch of mustard, though the Queen insists firmly that this should in … Ingredients. Doi Ilish how my Ma Cooks. This Sorsebata Ilish Mach recipe is Excellent and find more Great recipes, tried & tested recipes from NDTV Food. Shorshe Ilish- Ingredients. One, because it is super simple and can be easily wrapped up within 10 minutes flat. Shorshe Ilish.Mustard, the undisputed King of zing in the Bengali kitchen, romances the gorgeous Queen of fish in this quintessential classic. Take 3 tablespoons of ground posto (poppy seeds), 1 teaspoon of ground black mustard seeds, 2 tablespoons of curd, 2 tablespoons of water, 1/2 teaspoon each of turmeric, red chilli & cumin powder and mix it with a spoon or blend it together. Shorshe Ilish Bake last year, I had just about started food blogging. Usually it is simply steamed in a pressure cooker or in stove top or even in microwave oven. But, this year, as we Melbournians are in stage four lockdown, not allowed to drive more than 5kms, so we couldn’t enjoy our share of Ilish!

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