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All herbaceous plants and hardy shrubs may be planted in the garden. unkind remarks were made about Standard managing director Bert Hardy. Convolvulus tricolor atroviolacea: hardy, i ft., white, blue and yellow. They are very hardy, and yield mutton of choice flavour. Chamois-hunting, in spite of, or perhaps owing to the great danger attending it, has always been a favourite pursuit among the hardy mountaineers of Switzerland and Tirol, as well as of the amateur sportsmen of all countries, with the result that the animal is now comparatively rare in many districts where it was formerly common. December 25 th 1869 Died on the 20th inst Thomas Hardy for many years bricklayer on the Melford Hall estate. And she was a hardy woman. Trick to Remember the Difference. Luckily, there is an easy way to remember the difference. It is fairly hardy, living in areas where the temperature doesn't fall below 10? - Sow winter and spring spinach in the beginning and about the end of the month; parsley and winter onions, for a full crop, in the first week; cabbages about the middle of the month, for planting out in spring; cauliflower in the first half (Scotland) and in the second half (England) of the month; Hardy Hammersmith and Brown Cos lettuce in the first and last week; small salads occasionally; and Black Spanish radish, for winter crops. Another word for hardy. Godetia Whitneyi: hardy, i ft., rosy-red, with crimson spots. Reseda odorata (Mignonette): hardy, I ft., greenish, but exquisitely fragrant; there are some choice new sorts. Campanula Medium (Canterbury Bell): hardy, 2 ft., blue, white, rose, &c. The double-flowered varieties of various colours are very handsome. Hardy 's employed him as research and development officer and he became their head winemaker. It's not very cold hardy and with the below-zero temperatures that can blanket the region, cold hardy is a characteristic that local vines need.. long-playing record on music associated with Thomas Hardy. Available for the hardy before they - enter the dressing rooms are a line of ice baths - highwater - training reco The state of Chitral (see also Hindu Kusx) is somewhat larger than Wales, and supports a population of about 35, 000 rough, hardy hillmen. Coreopsis grandiflora: hardy, 2 to 3 ft., bright yellow; the finest member of the genus. No winter wheat can be grown, and the climate is too harsh for the larger fruits, such as apples, pears, peaches, plums and grapes; but such hardy small fruits as currants, gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries may be grown in abundance. If so, the Ed Hardy shower curtain might be perfect for you. As walls afford valuable space for the growth of the choicer kinds of hardy fruits, the direction in which they are built is of considerable importance. Small plants & hardy perennials, many bulbs & ferns, hardy perennials, many bulbs & ferns, hardy orchids & dwarf trees & shrubs. Gypsophila elegans: hardy, t z ft., pale rose; branched very gracefully. Hardy was a pure mathematician who hoped his mathematics could never be applied. As garden plants the aconites are very ornamental, hardy perennials. Eschscholtzia crocea flore-pleno: hardy, t 2 ft., orange yellow; double. ), came to disaster on the coast of Donegal; while Wolfe Tone took part in a third, under Admiral Bompard, with General Hardy in command of a force of about 3000 men, which encountered an English squadron near Lough Swilly on the 12th of October 1798. It is very hardy and prolific, but somewhat coarse in the bone. Unlike the ill-fated American communities, these hardy WUrttemberg peasants have flourished in Palestine, and their three colonies - at Jaffa, Haifa, and Jerusalem - are the most important European communities now in the country Since 1870 there has been a steady development of Jewish immigration, consisting principally of refugees from countries where anti-Semitism is an important element in politics. Hardy contains the adjective hard, which can also mean strong or robust in many In summer our displays of half hardy plants are quite overpowering. Scabiosa caucasica: hardy, 3 ft., blue, white. Hardy, who found that certain colloids did possess electric charges, the sign of which depended on whether the surrounding liquid was slightly acid or slightly alkaline. We have a proof of this in the fact that so few, comparatively, of our perfectly hardy garden plants ever run wild; and even the most persevering attempts to naturalize them usually fail. The soil is thin and porous and does not retain moisture, consequently the long, dry season turns the country into a barren desert, relieved only by vegetation along the river courses and mountain ranges, and by the hardy, widelydistributed carnahuba palm (Copernicia cerifera),which in places forms groves of considerable extent. The number of biennials is not large, but a few very desirable garden plants, such as the following, occur amongst them: Agrostemma coronaria (Rose Campion): hardy, I ft., bright rose-purple or rose and white. But these joggers are not to be confused with gym clothes, says Hardy. Sow mignonette, stocks, &c., in pots; sow sweet peas and a few hardy annuals on a warm border. Country boys are hardy and never cry when they fall or whine when they get hurt outside. The journey to Port Hardy. Trees in the woodland are hardy, withstanding cold winters and severe weather in the spring. Lucky bamboo is a very hardy plant requiring little care to stay healthy, but couples should still take adequate steps to keep it vibrant before the wedding. Hardy. A real beauty of a shrub, although not reliably hardy. Pretty early-blooming bulbs, quite hardy. , The hardy flowers bloomed year after year, even after facing icy storms that would kill most plants. But these joggers are not to be confused with gym clothes, says Hardy. Eschscholtzia californica: hardy, II ft., yellow with saffron eye. Henry Hardy), escorted by the Harwich destroyers "Tempest" and "Tetrarch," arrived off the coast. Celsia cretica: hardy, 4 to 5 ft., yellow, with two dark spots near centre; in spikes. In truth, people of all ages have proven to be fans of the Ed Hardy style, especially in recent years as the product selections have grown. 138-359. A few hardy men broke the ice on the lake and had a swim. Only the hardiest plants are able to survive in this harsh environment. These hardy garden auriculas are perfect for the front of a mixed, herbaceous or cottage-garden border. They require to be sown in the summer months, about June or July, in order to get established before winter; they should be pricked out as soon as large enough, and should have ample space so as to become hardy and stocky. Hardy, London, Pali Text Society, 1902), especially the Introduction, passim; Theri Gatha Commentary, Peta Vatthu Commentary, and Vimana Vatthu Commentary, all three published by the Pali Text Society. For decades, teams of three hardy fools had tried to knock each other senseless with high pressure fire hoses, while the spectators tried to escape the cross fire. Gilia achilleaefolia: hardy, 2 ft., deep blue; in large globose heads. 4. P. capensis from South Africa is hardy south of the Thames and in favoured localities. Examples of hardly in a sentence, how to use it. In this way hardy rhododendrons of choice sorts, greenhouse azaleas, the varieties of the orange family, camellias, roses, rare conifers, clematises and numerous other plants are increased. They are hardy and will work hard together assisting each other. Results See the photos Harrogate Town Center 10km, 30 July A hardy band of 11 male harriers (where were all the ladies? stinking chamomile is frost hardy at the rosette stage and can grow as a winter annual in Britain. The stand-up act became a hardy staple of cablevision. pratensis, 2 ft., blue, a showy native species, is quite hardy; the variety lupinoides has the centre of the lower lip white. A supply of roses, kalmias, rhododendrons, &c., and of hardy flowers and bulbs, as lily of the valley, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, &c., should be kept up by forcing. Centranthus ruber (known as Pretty Betsy and Red Valerian): hardy, 2 to 3 ft., red. Hardy's employed him as research and development officer and he became their head winemaker. Amberboa moschata atropurpurea (Sweet Sultan): hardy, Li ft., purple; musk-scented. hardy in a sentence: hardy meaning in Hindi. Country boys are hardy and never cry when they fall or whine when they get hurt outside. Lucretius touches on the development of man out of a primitive, hardy, beast-like condition. biflorus, the primrose peerless, a two-flowered whitish yellow-cupped species, equally hardy and easy of culture, is a natural hybrid between N. Since, then, the destruction of the hardy germs is so difficult, the greater care should be taken, by washing the udder, hands and milk vessels, to secure extreme cleanliness in the preparation of milk intended for infant consumption. Bartonia aurea: hardy, 2 ft., golden yellow; showy and free. Example sentences with the word hardly. Palin hardy put up with anything, and manufactured most of it herself anyway.. 2. tenuifolium make up, with those already mentioned, a series of the finest hardy flowers of the summer garden. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Stock): hardy, I ft., various as in Stock. Saponaria calabrica: hardy, 6 to 8 in., bright rose pink or white; continuous blooming, compact-growing. ; a most graceful grass for bouquets. Both cattle and horses are of a small and hardy breed. Carole will be planting a variety of hardy annual foliage plants to create a foliage plants to create a foliage border. big leaf hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) are very popular for their large colorful flowers but unfortunately they are the least hardy. Just visible in the top left-hand corner is Gunnera manicata, a huge perennial which looks really tropical, although it 's quite hardy. Remove any reverted green shoots on hardy variegated evergreens, to prevent reversion taking over. Above the firs come the tamarack, constituting the bulk of the lower Alpine forest; the hardy long-lived mountain pine; the red cedar or juniper, growing even on the baldest rocks; the beautiful hemlock spruce; the still higher white pine, nut pine, needle pine; and finally, at io,000 to 12,000 ft., the dwarf pine, which grows in a tangle on the earth over which one walks, and may not show for a century's growth more than a foot of height or an inch of girth. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. hardy biennials can be sown this month, into a nursery bed or pots stored in a greenhouse or cold frame. - ThiS term includes not only those fibrous-rooted plants of herbaceous habit which spring up from the root year after year, but also those old-fashioned subjects known as florists' flowers, and the hardy bulbs. Aspect: Full sun to partial shade hardiness: Fully hardy, may be subject to frost damage. Put it this way: some people praise Thomas Hardy's novels for their descriptive passages of nature. 3. The ridicule that greeted the revelation of the Pop-gun Plot marked the beginning of a reaction that found a more serious expression in the trials of Thomas Hardy, John Home Tooke and John Theiwall (October and November 1794). Agrostis pulchella : hardy, 6 in. When the fruit and vegetable gardens are combined, the smaller and choicer fruit trees only should be admitted, such larger-growing hardy fruits as apples, pears, plums, cherries, &c., being relegated to the orchard. Hardy, brave and slow-witted, obedient to discipline, attached to his officers, he makes the finest soldier of the East. of Irish Periodical Literature from the End of the 17th to the Middle of the Igth Century (2 vols., London, 1867); Francis Hardy, Memoirs of the Earl of Charlemont (2 vols., London, 1812); W. The tree in England is scarcely hardy, though it will grow freely in some sheltered places. It is not a hardy vine. Lathyrus odoratus (Sweet Pea): hardy; there are two races, dwarf and tall, the latter - far and away the most beautiful - requires support; various colours; numerous immensely popular forms. Even a plant like the potato, so largely cultivated and so perfectly hardy, has not established itself in a wild state in any part of Europe. Hardy, Christianity and the Roman Government (1894), reprinted in Studies in Roman History (1906), pp. Nemophila insignis: hardy, 6 in., azure blue, with white centre. Koniga maritima (Sweet Alyssum): hardy, I ft., white; fragrant, compact. The plants are rapidly-growing, hardy, ornamental climbers, which flourish in common garden soil, and are readily propagated by cuttings. , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). The front garden includes an evergreen magnolia, topiary spirals in pots, standard privets as well as hardy plantings in terracotta pots. The number of variegated and various-coloured hardy shrubs is now so great that a most pleasant plot for a " Winter Garden " may be arrayed with plants. Transplanted into this foreign soil, the monarchy became an absolute despotism, unchecked by a proud territorial nobility and a hardy peasantry on familiar terms with their king. Hardy amies followed this tradition, embroidering Californian poppies on a dress created for The Queen's visit to America in 1983. My mother liked The Hardy Boys. Cleveland, Hardy ( Browns have slowest LBs in NFL ). An example of anapestic heptameter is The Lacking Sense by Thomas Hardy. Pharbitis hispida: hardy, 6 ft., various; the many-coloured twining Convolvulus major. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. They do not represent the opinions of I have worked very hard to be at this position. The climate in the higher districts is raw and the produce is mostly confined to hardy cereals, such as oats. Leptosiphon densiflorus: hardy in light soil, i ft., purplish or rosy-lilac. They are as a rule of a very hardy character, thriving best in northern latitudes - the trees having round, slender branches, and serrate, deciduous leaves, with barren and fertile catkins on the same tree, and winged fruits, the so-called seeds. acclimatepecies are very hardy with almost all individuals easily acclimating to home tanks. coreopsis grandiflora ' Astolot '2 (Tickseed) HARDY PERENNIAL. They are a rough and hardy people, and are. 05 ) 2. I can give you several sentences.This is a hardy variety of fruit tree.He has a hardy appetite.She has always had a hardy constitution. lilyke hardy water lilies, they, too, will warrior it through the winter. Barges: While a barge may seem unglamorous at first, they are actually hardy, stable vessels that offer more affordable small ship options for many passengers. Examples of hardy in a sentence. All Rights Reserved. From its rugged silvery bark and dark-green foliage, it is a handsome tree, quite hardy in Cornwall and Devonshire, where it has grown to a large size. WEAVE IN, MY HARDY LIFE. Malcolmia maritima (Virginian Stock): hardy, 6 in., lilac, rose or white. This variety of rose is especially hardy a How to use hardy in a sentence is shown in this page. In connexion with the last, he made a cruise in the Channel fleet, on board the "Victory," as a volunteer under the command of Admiral Sir Charles Hardy. Hardy, "may be briefly stated as follows: The notion of time, which seems at first sight to enter into (5) and (6), should be eliminated. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Chris Furness Introducing your new parish councilors: My name is Brian Hardy recently co-opted on to the Parish Council. 2. They are hardy and prolific, but do not quite equal the Cotswolds in size. Most other instances call for the word hearty. Trees in the woodland are hardy, withstanding cold winters and severe weather in the spring. 11. The men are hardy, well built and handsome; and the women are noted for their beauty, the ancient Greek type being well preserved. chirrup of some hardy bird, braving the midday sun. 4. I can give you several sentences.This is a hardy variety of fruit tree.He has a hardy appetite.She has always had a hardy constitution. pontica (Eastern Europe) is a hardy spreading evergreen with greenish-yellow fragrant flowers. With the fall of Antwerp, for Malines and Brussels were already in the hands of Farnese, the whole of the southern Netherlands was brought once more to recognize the authority of Philip. 2. Hardy, Memoirs of the earl of Charlemont (2 vols., 2nd. 27. Internally, however, it was rapidly declining, the once chaste and hardy Vandals being demoralized by the fervid climate of Africa and the sinful delights of their new capital, and falling ever lower into sloth, effeminacy and vice. These will now be occupied with tender greenhouse plants and annuals, and the more hardy plants from the stove. Erysimum Peroffskianum: hardy, 2 ft., deep orange; in erect racemes. Some of the more popular annuals, hardy and half-hardy, have been very much varied as regards habit and the colour of the flowers, and purchases may be made in the seed shops of such things as China asters, stocks, Chinese and Indian pinks, larkspurs, phloxes and others, amongst which some of the most beautiful of the summer flowers may be found. These cookies do not store any personal information. Hardy in 1875 (Ber., 8, p. 1594), and is a crystalline, very hygroscopic solid. Neuer Botanischer Garten has been laid out with a view to the accommodation of a very large collection of hardy trees and shrubs. Small plants & hardy perennials, many bulbs & ferns, hardy orchids & dwarf trees & shrubs. Silene Pseudo-Atocion: hardy, i ft., rose pink; free-flowering. He was brought up with extreme rigour, his father devising a scheme of education which was intended to make him a hardy soldier, and prescribing for him every detail of his conduct. One of these under Humbert succeeded in landing a force in Killala Bay, and gained some success in Connaught before it was subdued by Lake and Cornwallis, Wolfe Tone's brother Matthew being captured, tried by court-martial, and hanged; a second, accompanied by Napper Tandy (q.v. inbred, and is not so hardy and prolific as most breeds. A large part of the chaparral consists of the chaparro, a low evergreen oak of hardy characteristics, mixed with mimosa, desmauthus, zonia and others. : This is a great time to sow hardy annuals from seed while the soil is still warm. Lupinus luteus: hardy, 2 ft., bright yellow, fragrant. Parliament was dissolved in July 1865, and the university elected Mr Gathorne Hardy in his place. The tricks of the trade used by garden centers to tempt even the most hardy shopper to impulse buy. Cneorum (Europe) is a hardy evergreen trailing shrub, with bright pink sweet-scented flowers. A pair of kittens could be named after some of the great double acts of the past; Oliver and Hardy, Fred and Ginger or Bob and Bing are a few that immediately spring to mind. He was handsome and eloquent, but licentious; and at the same time active, hardy, courageous, a great general and an able politician. Small rough winkles and the occasional hardy barnacles gain enough shelter here to survive. The standard work on the genus of hardy geraniums. Muskdeer are hardy, solitary and retiring animals, chiefly nocturnal in habits, and almost always found alone, rarely in pairs and never in herds. Sow seeds of sweet alyssum, candytuft, daisies, mignonette, pansies, &c. Visit the roadsides and woods for interesting plants to put in the hardy borders. Hyphear is useful for fattening cattle if they are hardy enough to withstand the purgative effect it produces at first; viscum is medicinally of value as an emollient, and in cases of tumour, ulcers and the like. The awards were held on 16 June 2013, and presented by Jeremy Hardy. He encourages me to try hard and not feel frustrated. John's logic here is hardly unassailable, and the lass promptly puts him in his place by taking up with a married middle-aged bank manager. He is very hard on his servants. Collinsia bicolor: hardy, r i ft., white and purple; pretty. tender exotics are not frost hardy and need to be over-wintered in order for the plant to survive. Antirrhinum majus (Snapdragon): hardy, 6 in. It's not very cold hardy and with the below-zero temperatures that can blanket the region, cold hardy is a characteristic that local vines need.. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Of fine physique and hardy constitution, they are of strongly independent character; patriarchal in their family life; shrewd, slim and courageous; in religion Protestants of a somewhat austere type. Calliopsis or Coreopsis bicolor (tinctoria) : hardy, 2 to 3 ft., yellow and chestnut-brown. vulgaris is hardy in the south of England. These plains include the extensive llanos of the Orinoco tributaries where coarse, hardy grasses and occasional clumps of palms are almost the only vegetation to be seen. Si, como una película de Laurel y Hardy. Examples of hardy in a sentence: 1. Kaulfussia amelloides: hardy, t ft., blue or rose; the var. hardly example sentences. There are 12 example sentences for hardy, and this page shows no. The Dynamics of a Particle was written on the occasion of the contest between Gladstone and Mr Gathorne Hardy (afterwards earl of Cranbrook); and The New Belfry in ridicule of the erection put up at Christ Church for the bells that were removed from the Cathedral tower. Finally the mountain valley, with its patches of cultivable soil on the alluvial fans of tributary torrents, its narrow pastures on the uplands only left clear of snow in summer, its intensified extremes of climates and its isolation, almost equal to that of an island, has in all countries produced a special type of brave and hardy people, whose utmost effort may bring them comfort, but not wealth, by honest toil, who know little of the outer world, and to whom the natural outlet for ambition is marauding on the fertile plains. Lamb's lettuce Also called corn salad, very hardy winter salad with a soft texture and mild flavor. William Robinson banished bedding systems, and turned to planting with native species and hardy exotics, creating informal, wild and woodland gardens. Trees in the woodland are hardy, withstanding cold winters and severe weather in the spring. Though recognized primarily for vivid, art-emblazoned t-shirts, the Hardy name has earned itself household status thanks to this vast and ever-growing product lineup. Lupinus nanus: hardy, I ft., bluish-purple; abundant flowering. Hardy, a railway official, who planned a town at the intersection of the New Orleans & NorthEastern (which built a round house and repair shops here in 1885) and the Gulf & Ship Island railways. Amongst hardy species of Nymphaea now much grown are candida, nitida, odorata, pygmaea and tuberosa, all with white, more or less sweet-scented flowers; flava, yellow, and sphaerocarpa, rose-carmine. fritillus, a chess-board, so called from the chequered markings on the petals), a genus of hardy bulbous plants of the natural order Liliaceae, containing about 50 species widely distributed in the northern hemisphere. Blood lily is fairly hardy in warmer areas and can be over-wintered with a layer of mulch in the garden. 2. It is a handsome greenhouse plant, which is hardy in the south of England and Ireland if protected from severe frosts. Those of the northern plateau are small, hardy and long-lived, being bred on extensive ranges in a cooler atmosphere, and accustomed to long journeys in search of water and pasture. Hardy, Memoirs of Lord Charlemont (London, 1812); Warden Flood, Memoirs of Henry Flood (London, 1838); Francis Plowden, Historical Review of the State of Ireland (London, 1803); Alfred Webb, Compendium of Irish Biography (Dublin, 1878); Sir Jonah Barrington, Rise and Fall of the Irish Nation (London, 18 33); W. Swarms of hardy and desperate men now joined the rebels, and when the praetor Publius Varinius took the field against them he found them entrenched like a regular army on the plain. The Welsh Mountain is a small, active, soft-woolled, whitefaced breed of hardy character. Leaf stem eaten cooked or raw, Rhizome considered medicinal. Philosophy had attempted to free itself from the trammels of theological orthodoxy in the hardy speculations of some schoolmen, notably of Scotus Erigena and Abelard. The vine is hardy in Britain so far as regards its vegetation, but not hardy enough to bring its fruit to satisfactory maturity, so that for all practical purposes the vine must be regarded as a tender fruit. 10. The front garden includes an evergreen magnolia, topiary spirals in pots, standard privets as well as hardy plantings in terracotta pots. Specularia Speculum: hardy, 6 in., reddish-violet; free-flowering. Lychnis Coeli-rosa: hardy, t2 ft., rosy-purple, with pale centre; pretty. Inspired by tattoos, Hardy's work boasts a vintage, rock 'n' roll aesthetic that appeals primarily to young age groups, but doesn't necessarily restrict itself to that. Hardy's Descriptive Catalogue (Rolls Series), i. Hardy that the "double aspect of Trajan's rescript, which, while it theoretically condemned the Christians, practically gave them a certain security," explains "the different views which have since been taken of it; but by most of the church writers, and perhaps on the whole with justice, it has been regarded as favourable and as rather discouraging persecution than legalizing it" (Pliny's Correspondence with Trajan, 63, 210-217). The hardy and ubiquitous sunflower has been chosen as the state flower or floral emblem. : Plant out hardy biennials such as foxgloves and wallflowers in their flowering positions. The Bohea variety is hardy, and capable of thriving under many different conditions of climate and situation, while the indigenous plant is tender and difficult of cultivation, requiring for its success a close, hot, moist and equable climate. Such are hardly the conceptions wherewith the brain of a cultivated woman would teem. Delphinium Ajacis and Delphinium Consolida (Larkspurs): hardy, 3 ft., various colours. Centaurea Cyanus: hardy, 3 ft., blue, purple, pink or white; showy. The newest member of the Ed Hardy men's collection is Love and Luck. British saddlebacks are hardy and noted for their mothering ability. 1 45 sqq., which criticizes both Neumann and Ramsay; Leonard Alston, Stoic and Christian of the 2nd century (1906); J. A few hardy souls went off for an early morning run, I personally had a cup of coffee in bed. 169, 228; Edmund Hardy in Zeitschrift der deutschen morgenlandischen Gesellschaft (1898), pp. Full details and photos will be added Hardy Pilot Red Pepper was a 20ft Hardy Pilot with a Suzuki 50hp four stroke outboard. I can give you several sentences.This is a hardy variety of fruit tree.He has a hardy appetite.She has always had a hardy constitution. During the seven years of his married life Mill published less than in any other period of his career, but four of his most ' Mrs Taylor (Harriet Hardy) was the wife of John Taylor, a wholesale druggist in the city of London. Hardy definition: Plants that are hardy are able to survive cold weather . Here he imbibed in his earlier years a good measure of the hardy simplicity and strong seriousness which the later Romans attributed to the men of the early republic - characteristics which were supposed to linger in the Sabine land after they had fled from the rest of Italy. towards the end; Early Seville and Early Longpod beans; and short-topped radish in two or three sowings, at a week's interval, all on a warm border; also Hardy Green and Brown cos lettuce in a frame or on south border.

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