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Plant life balances ecosystems, protects watersheds, mitigates erosion, moderates climate, and provides shelter for many animal species. Usually three levels of biodiversity are discussed—genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity. Genetic Diversityis the variation in the genes of rangeland plants, animals … Biodiversity by County - Distribution of Animals, Plants and Natural Communities Metadata Updated: January 16, 2020. The Hills and Fleurieu contain a diversity of native plants and animals. Genetic diversity is all the different genes contained in all individual plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms. Do you know that the invisible micro-or ganisms constitute a lar ge component of bio-diversity . Access & Use Information. It exists at species, com-munity, ecosystem and landscape scales. Threats to plant diversity… Biodiversity of plants ensures a resource for new food crops and medicines. Provision of food security: biodiversity in terms of plants and animals is the ultimate source of food, fiber, fuel and shelter. in an area into distinctive plant and animal com-munities constitutes ecosystem diversity. Biological diversity (biodiversity) includes all living organisms (plants, animals, microbes, etc.) variety of life on earth and the natural patterns it forms. 4.1.1 Genetic diversity Each member of any animal or plant species dif-fers widely from other individuals in its … Biological diversity, or biodiversity, is the term given to the . Native plants, animals and biodiversity. diversity , (ii) species diversity and (iii) ecosystem diversity . Plant and animal tissues; Term 1 Revision; Plant and animal tissues; Organs; Support and transport systems in plants; Support systems in animals; Term 2 Revision; Transport systems in mammals (human) Biosphere to Ecosystems; Term 3 Revision; Biodiversity and classification; History of Life on Earth; Exam Revision; Grade 11. distribution of plants and animals and the ecological diversity of the English countryside that we see today. and the genetic differences among them. It occurs within a species as well as between species. Plants and animals constitute only a small component of biodiversity . This diversity is often understood in terms of the wide variety of plants, animals and micro-organisms but also includes genetic differences within each species. Public: This dataset is intended for … Biodiversity … Figur e 11.1 Biodiversity … • Species diversity … Ecosystem biodiversity (forest, salt marshes, mangrove) prevents erosion, nutrient loss, landslides, floods and impacts of storms. Certainly, climatic variations from south to north and west to east play a significant role in the … This region is the most biologically diverse in the state, home to half of South Australia’s species of native plants and three-quarters of its native bird species. Aims and Scope Biodiversitas, Journal of Biological Diversity or abbreviated as Biodiversitas encourages submission of manuscripts dealing with all biodiversity aspects of plants, animals and microbes at … Biodiversity … Another aspect of biodiversity … ix).

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