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He was a friend of Catullus (poem 10, 29–30: meus sodalis / Cinna est Gaius). CINNA.          Sexual Content Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. It is no matter, his name's Cinna. Cinna is a character in the chamber opera Le piccole storie - ai margini delle guerre, written in 2007 by Italian composer Lorenzo Ferrero. 0. He attempted to become a tyrant behind a veiled disguise of a republic under a strict constitution. with the pastures of Firmum, full of good things, Gaius Helvius Cinna († 44 v. Chr. 0. Lucius Cornelius Cinna was important within Roman history. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2707004110972434"; He was a friend of the poet Catullus. The circumstances of his death have given rise to some discussion. Resource Toolbox. Suet. Roman poet of the later Ciceronian age. [1] Gaius Helvius Cinna was een aanzienlijke Romeinse dichter en politicus uit de 1e eeuw v.Chr. This is the fifth in a series of plays by Crouch exploring Shakespeare's minor characters. Reproduction Date: Gaius Helvius Cinna was an influential neoteric poet of the late Roman Republic, a little older than the generation of Catullus and Calvus. O Cinnovom živote sa vie veľmi málo. in Caes. Helvius Cinna tr. Cinna is the subject of 'I, Cinna (The Poet)', a 2012 play by Tim Crouch, directed by Gregory Doran for the Royal Shakespeare Company, with Jude Owusu as the poet. Bibliografio. FIRST CITIZEN. Gaius Helvius Cinna, Roman poet who wrote the mythological epic poem Zmyrna, about the incestuous love of Zmyrna for her father. Jump to: General, Art, Business, Computing, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Religion, Science, Slang, Sports, Tech, Phrases We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word gaius helvius cinna: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "gaius helvius cinna" is defined. Cinna was een telg van de uit Noord-Italië stammende plebejische gens Helvia, waartoe ook Cicero's moeder Helvia behoorde. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. 10, 95 en 113).. Biografie. Meanwhile, his artistic profession evokes the poet Gaius Helvius Cinna. It has been suggested that it was really Cornelius, not Helvius Cinna, who was slain at Caesar's funeral, but this is not borne out by the authorities. CINNA, GAIUS HELVIUS, Roman poet of the later Ciceronian age. 113. C. Caesaris iussu, paratam habuit legem, quam absente isto feret, ut uxores, quas et quot quisque vellet ducendi haberet potestatem sed ne promulgata quidem, nedum perlata est. google_ad_width = 160; St. Jerome gives the year 87 B.C. But such an interpretation of the Virgilian passage is by no means absolutely necessary; the terms used do not preclude a reference to a contemporary no longer alive. Truly, my name is Cinna. Do narrative poems tend to be very short? FOURTH CITIZEN. This includes data values and the controlled vocabularies that house them. Shakespeare adopted Plutarch's version of Cinna's death in his Julius Caesar, adding the black humor in which he often expressed his distrust of the crowd: CINNA. In the late Roman Republic, Gaius Helvius Cinna was a poet made famous by his epic poem Zmyrna, which focussed on the incestuous love of Smyrna for her father Cinyras. google_ad_slot = "4852765988"; Literature may be classified according to a variety of systems,…. Helvius Cinna. Cinna's literary fame was established by his magnum opus Zmyrna, a mythological epic poem focused on the incestuous love of Smyrna (or Myrrha) for her father Cinyras, treated after the erudite and allusive manner of the Alexandrian poets. I am not Cinna the conspirator. Practically nothing is known of his life except that he was the friend of Catullus, whom he accompanied to Bithynia in the suite of the praetor Memmius. Pluck but his name out of his heart, and turn him going. Fruitful: to Gaius Helvius Cinna. Print Article; Roman poet of the later Ciceronian age. Hofmann J. Lexicon universale. Notes on the poet Cinna from the play Julius Caesar . //-->, This article will be permanently flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. Suetonius, Valerius Maximus, Appian and Dio Cassius all state that, at Caesar's funeral, a certain Helvius Cinna was killed by mistake for Cornelius Cinna, the conspirator. In Pompey’s first Consulate two men frequented Maecilia, Cinna: now he is Consul again those two remain, but each one’s increased by a thousand. Tear him to pieces, he's a conspirator. 1698. Join Facebook to connect with Gaius Helvius Cinna and others you may know. Latin, Roman Republic, Roman Empire, Cicero, Julius Caesar, Cicero, Nero, Julius Caesar, Pompey, Trajan, . Gaius Helvius Cinna: lt;p|>|Gaius Helvius Cinna| was an influential |neoteric| poet of the late |Roman Republic|, a li... 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Cinna’s rule was not well documented and many argue that his only goal was his own advancement. On the other hand, two lines in the 9th eclogue of Virgil, supposed to have been written in 41 or 40 bc, seem to imply that Helvius Cinna was then alive. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. The early Christian-era historians Suetonius, Valerius Maximus, Appian, and Dio Cassius all state that at Caesar’s funeral (44 bc) a See Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. 114. In Gaius Helvius Cinna …wrote the mythological epic poem Zmyrna, about the incestuous love of Zmyrna for her father. The circumstances of his death have given rise to some discussion. /* 160x600, created 12/31/07 */ Er war ein Freund Catulls und mit ihm in der cohors praetoria des Gaius Memmius, als dieser 57 v. Chr. /* 728x90, created 7/15/08 */ Catullus's friends were the poets C. Licinius Macer Calvus, Furius Bibaculus, and C. Helvius Cinna; the orator Q. Hortensius, Cicero's rival in the law courts; and the biographer Cornelius Nepos, to whom Catullus dedicated his book of poems. The circumstances of his death have given rise to some discussion. Corrections? Tear him for his bad verses, tear him for his bad verses. The early Christian-era historians Suetonius, Valerius Maximus, Appian, and Dio Cassius all state that at Caesar’s funeral (44 bc) a certain Helvius Cinna was killed by mistake in place of Lucius Cornelius Cinna, the conspirator. Omissions? By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica., Perseus Digital Library - Biography of C. He'lvius Cinna. Here reference is made to a certain Cinna, a poet of such importance that Virgil deprecates comparison with him; it is argued that the manner in which this Cinna, who could hardly have been anyone but Helvius Cinna, is spoken of implies that he was then alive; if so, he could not have been killed in 44. Statthalter der Provinz Bithynia et Pontus war. google_ad_width = 728; Although not related to them, Cinna shared the surname (cognomen) of the high noble (consular) aristocratic house of Corneli Cinnae, relatives by marriage of the famous Caesar. 100 1 _ ‎‡a Cinna, C. Helvius ‏ 100 1 _ ‎‡a Cinna, C.Helvius ‏ 100 0 _ ‎‡a Gaius Helvius Cinna ‏ ‎‡c poeta Romanus ‏ Test the long and short of your poetic knowledge in this quiz.

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