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The Young persons in Peace and Conflict Transformation (YPPCT) is a project implemented by NULAI Nigeria with support from the Embassy of the United States of America.
For a period of 10 months, NULAI supported 3 law clinics; Ahmadu Bello University, Nasarawa State University and University of Abuja Law Clinics to adopt street law programmes and build the capacity of law students and secondary school students in peace and conflict transformation, with the law clinics serving as centers for peace education and peaceful dialogue. 
A total of 27 law teachers , 121 law students and 230 pupils from 10 Secondary Schools were trained on peace and conflict transformation. The training contributed to increase in the knowledge of the participants on peace and conflict transformation principles.
10 peace centres were established at the secondary schools; Demonstration Sec. Sch., Nana International, Muslim Refreshers Course programme, Zaria, Kaduna state; Sheikh Hamdan Sec. Sch, Kenford Academy, Almohass sch, Suzz Tenderly, Gwagwalada, Abuja; Federal Government College, Government Day Sec Sch and BrightWay Academy, Keffi, Nasarawa State.
19 groups from the 10 peace centres through law clinics mentor-ship developed and implemented 24 peace programmes, carrying out activities such as peace awareness campaign/sensitization, talk shows, dance, chant, poems, songs, debate, drama, football match etc.
At the end of the project implementation, the secondary school participants reached a total of 2206 peers through their different peace education/programmes.

See Project Photobook here

Also watch the project’s documentary here


The Clinicians had a lot to share on their experiences with the project.

Abraham Benson Ngbale of the Nassarawa State University Keffi (NSUK) Law Clinic shared that he gained a lot of knowledge from the Project as well as the satisfaction of being able to impart same knowledge in others. He was also excited about the Secondary Pupils’ commitment to the project;

“…The Students didn’t just learn and go, they also were innovative and artistic in many ways to clearly demonstrate they accepted the project and also are impacted by the lessons. They composed Peace anthem, poems, articles, slogans and plays depicting the importance of peace…” 

Grace Abunike, 400 level student of law at Nassarawa State University, also a member of NSUK law clinic remains hopeful that “the seed of peace that has been planted in these students would yield fruits”. She has also resolved to remain a peace ambassador wherever she may find herself way after the project/school.

While Abimiku Tanimu Elijah said he had doubts at the start of the project but began to understand better the concept of peace as the project unfolded. By the end of the project, he agrees that; 

“…YPPCT has been a positive impact in my life and the way I view conflict. YPPCT training gave me the leeway to educate others( students) on the importance of peace, how conflict are being resolved amongst disputing parties and giving the students the opportunity to become peace ambassador like myself. Setting up peace corners where conflict can be resolved peacefully was also a positive impact. 

Training these young minds on the proper ways of resolving conflict has brought a kind of fulfillment to me because in a partially peaceful country as Nigeria, one should be trained in the art of deescalating tense situation and choosing peace over unhealthy rivalry…”

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