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The Young Persons in Peace and Conflict Transformation (YPPCT) is a project implemented by NULAI Nigeria in partnership with Bayero University, Kogi State University, Nigeria Police Academy, Nile University of Nigeria and Usman Danfodiyo University Law Clinics with support from the American Arbitration Association-International Centre for Dispute Resolution Foundation. 


The project empowered young persons from these 5 university law clinics and 15 secondary schools from Northern Nigeria with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes necessary for managing  conflicts constructively and  building sustainable peace; and as influencers and vehicles for delivering change. The clinics were supported to adopt street law programmes and build the capacity of law students and secondary school students in peace and conflict transformation and with the Law clinics serving as centers for peace education and peaceful dialogue. Under the street law programme, 271 law students’ capacity were developed to develop street law lessons and deliver training to 437 secondary school students and 17 secondary school teachers.











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Clinicians from the law clinics shared their experiences and how much knowledge and skills they gained from the project.


Yusuf Emiola Olalekan from Bayero University Law Clinic shares that the project left him with a lot of Experience and Professional skills, he writes;

The Young Persons in Peace and Conflict(YPPCT) project sponsored by NULAI which I took part in as a member of the Bayero University Kano Law Clinic has left me with a lot of Experience and Professional skills which would play a great role in my future engagement, particularly with respect to Alternative Dispute Resolution and Community Building.

He also shared success stories from the training the clinicians held for some secondary schools students on Settling Dispute and the need to always be a peace ambassador in any society; 

“…It is also worthy to mention how we got  feedback from one of the teachers in Government Girls Secondary School,Jambulo (one of the selected school for the project) about the swift change in attitude of some of the girls we selected for the school training as they were very notorious for their infamous conducts amongst their colleagues. In the words of the “auntie” (The teacher); “you people should please come back with this type of training for our students”…”


Another clinician, Fatima Nuhu Amanabo, a 500 level law student from the Nile University Law Clinic shares how the project challenged to push personal bounds and also the satisfaction of imparting the knowledge she gained in others (Secondary School Students;

The 2 days Train The Trainers workshop on Young Persons in Peace and Conflict Transformation Project was a new and refreshing experience for me, I tried to grasp as much information as possible. I was an introvert but finding out we would have to teach students was a new and fun challenge that I had never experienced before and something I was looking forward to. I avoided public speaking as much as I could which is ironic because I am studying which is the father and mother of public speaking.

“…One of the most significant aspect of carrying out the project on peace and conflict was being a lecturer for a day. It was exhilarating witnessing students actually embracing the knowledge we tried our best to convey and teach, students were actually raising their hands to ask questions that signifies curiosity and curiosity signifies interest and interest was the main purpose of the project. Being a lecturer even for one day was something different and new for us. On our way to the school I was hundred percent sure I was having a panic attack of course I was extremely nervous that the students would find the whole thing boring after all they were teenagers but as soon as we got there and I locked eyes with the students I was more relaxed…”

She concludes; “This experience of conveying the message of peace and conflict was very necessary especially with secondary school students who are easily impressionable, now I understand more how much work our lecturers put into teaching us .”


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